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A company should not require its customers to purchase a product if they choose to discontinue using it. We are trying to cancel our account and they are going to send us an order, even though they have not sent our order out yet, and we do not want the order. We made the mistake of not ordering last month and we received a bunch expensive stuff that we put on our first order.

If you want to change the backup order, you will need to do it on the phone (you can't change it online).

I am amazed at the process they require to cancel the membership. I have wasted over an hour. I have faxed them canceling my account (I challenge anyone to find the fax # on their site for canceling). After which I was informed that fax is not usually one of the methods they allow for canceling.

I have spoken with supervisors who after I made it perfectly clear that I do not want their product anymore; have attempted to tell me how wonderful their product is, and offered to explain the benefits.

From what I can see this company works very hard to prevent people from canceling memberships. If you read online you will hear of people who were not allowed to cancel for 4 months, faxes that were supposedly never received, and letters that were never received, the price is double what you can get elsewhere. The list goes on and on.

If you are still considering this company, I would suggest a great deal of caution, and possibly a trip to your local psychiatrist.


Location: Richardson, Texas

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Apparently "mommajill" is also being paid to troll this site and write comments on every negative post dating back two years...Wow...Must have alot of time on your hands. Business slow?? Leave these people alone and make your money...ooppps..I mean help people.


I will continue to reply to anyone who still wants to talk about this. This happened 2 years ago.

I still hate this company. When you run a business you should always try to make the customer happy if at all possible....even if they do not want to use the product anymore.

I am a great example of someone who is still willing to tell people how bad of an experience I had. Had they let me cancel my memebership like any other company would have, I probably would have forgotten about all of this.


i am simply a customer who refers other people to use these products.....that is the reason i am getting paid by this company, because i keep sending them new business......

I love the products and use them daily.....and don't mind telling people and informing them what it takes to use them and tell others about it.....

it's a heck of a lot better than going to a local wal-mart and dealing with all that!!


Stacy, I am sure you are very happy with whatever they are paying you. Here is the problem, we live in a world where things can be done very quickly.

People no longer need to wait weeks or months until a letter is mailed and read by someone or not read in many cases. If you want to cancel your membership with any reputable company they will do it immediately. Why in today's world do you need to wait 1-2 months to get something done.

If you read posts about this company you will see countless complaints about this issue. Perhaps they should start buying some computers to keep track of inventory and customers so they can function in today's world.


It's easy to cancel if you follow the directions. You mail a letter to the company before the 26th of the month.

Their products are 30 to 40% less expensive than retail prices.


I am currently trying to cancel my membership. I sent out my cancellation notice (mailed) exactly 8 days before 12/25/10.

On January 2, 2011 I received an email saying they received my cancellation notice. A few days later I had another deduction from my checking account for another Melaleuca order. I called them and they said they did not receive my letter until 12/28/10. Are you kidding me?!?!?!

I told the rep to cancel the order and he said they couldn't but if he tried it would be a $10.00 fee! What the heck is he talking about.

It is now January 11th and I have not yet received the order and I want to get reimbursed..where's the order? this is crazy??


Tell them you are going to report them to the better business bureau and your attorney! I had to deal with the same thing and after I screamed at them they hung up and it never happened again..


I don't expect my new customers will want to cancel. However as a conscientious marketing executive with Melaleuca, before they sign, I always take time to show every new customer the section of the contract that shows how to cancel their account.

I even read it to them aloud. It's about having good business practices and telling the truth.Most Melaleuca cancellation complaints come down to people who are not informed about decisions they have made. The cancellation information is in normal sized print right beside the signature line. The contract you signed read something very similar to this:"I may cancel this Agreement for any reason at any time by giving written notice to Melaleuca bearing my original signature, printed name, address and Customer number.

Written cancellations received by Melaleuca on or before the 25th of the month will be effective the month received, written cancellations received by Melaleuca after the 25th of the month will be effective the following month. Cancellation notices must be mailed to: Melaleuca, Inc., 3910 S. Yellowstone Hwy, Idaho Falls 83402-****."Fax or Mail this document to get the service you agreed to when you signed the contract. Simple.

Legal. Correct. There is nothing wrong or unethical about having cancellation policies and processes to govern how they work. If you cancel within the first 120 days of your contract, they even give you your $29 membership fee back.

I take the time to explain this carefully to all my customers.

Perhaps your enroller did not, but you signed it. Again, the company did nothing wrong, illegal, or unethical.


It is absolutely absurd that a "Wellness Company" causes it's consumers so much stress over something that should be so simple. One should be able to call and cancel their account/order over the phone.

You should not have to provide them with letter after letter and phone call after phone call. I am in the process of canceling my account also and I sent in a letter on the 9th, the representative called me today and stated they had everything they needed to cancel my account but she acknowledged along with me that I had forgotten to sign the bottom of the letter. Although all of the proper information was given, I had to sent out yet another letter, with my signature, stating that I would like my account closed. The letter I sent along with phone verification was not enough.

So now they have two letter, phones calls, and an email that states I would like my account closed. The she had the nerve to throw in that if they did not receive my second letter by the 25th, my auto ship for the month of August would still be sent and my credit card charged.

What a horrible way to run a business. To make a consumer go through so much trouble for such a little thing.


So, if you follow procedure exactly, it is possible to cancel your membership. But have you asked yourself why they have these requirements?

If I want to cancel cable, I call the company. If I want to cancel my utilities I call the company. When I called Melaleuca to cancel, I was told I had to send a letter, explain in writing why I wanted to cancel (Am I in grammar school? Are some reasons not good enough?), include my name, customer number and address, and sign my name.

If I omit any of these requirements, they will ignore my expressed wishes and continue to send their product and charge me. Did I sign up for the Army?????

There is no reason not to accept cancellations by phone, and if they were a legitimate company they would. Having this requirement in the contract does not make it ok, especially when they know their representatives are out there lying to people to get them to sign up.


once again, I will stop writing when people who work at Melalueca stop responding. I know you love them, because yu work for them.

does it not seem strange to everyone that complaints come from people who have had bad experiences. and the positive feedback seems to come from people who get paid by them.


I've had a great experience with Melaleuca. I was a customer for a year, loved their healthy, safe product line and then decided to work with them.

It's been almost 9 years and I can't say more good things about Melaleuca- they have change my life. I've been able to stay home with my 4 kids and work part time from my home office. I've always loved the company because they are very black and white. They give you specific guidelines and when you follow them everything works great.

You actually don't need to give any reason for canceling.

You simply mail a letter with your name and phone number stating that you'd like to cancel your account. It's super easy and they have great ultra- polite customer service.


Wow I'm shocked at the back & forth arguing between people on here regarding this company. I haven't dealt with them in over 20 years so I don't remember how my mom cancelled but I know she did.

This company seems to be bringing out a lot of strong feelings from people both good & bad. Everyone has a right to their own opinion on a product & if they do not wish to be a member they have a right to cancel. I'm not going to say whether or not people have problems canceling but if anyone has a problem canceling anything with canceling charges they should either talk to their bank or credit card co. They can have that company blocked from charging your account.

My friend did that with her bank when she ran across a bad Partylite rep. Of course you can always ask for a new card. Even if they have the correct card number if the expiration date is incorrect the charges will not go thru. This goes for any company trying to charge your accounts.

With the economy the way it is I wouldn't be surprised if unauthorized charges on consumer accounts rise significantly.

Watch your accounts like you would watch your wallet around a known thief. I hope this helps.


I am very happy that you are one of the fortunate people who have not had any problems with melalueca. I was actually done with this issue.

It happened over 4 months ago. If you read the first comment you will see the problems I had.

If however you would like me to continue to recall the numerous problems I had 4 months ago then I will gladly continue to put this company down. I again strongly suggest that anyone interested in this company read as much as you can from the many unhappy consumers.


I don't understand what you are going on about here! Seems you just want a reason to do some ***., Follow directions and move on, if you were a Director III which I seriously doubt, you would make your $55 -$80 order just to remain a preferred customer and receive your commission check which at that level should be well more than what your order would cost! like I said you are just some one looking to have a *** about something!


I am a Melaleuca director 3 and if any one of you Melaleuca directors who commented rudely on here was on my team, or was a team-member of any Director I know, you would be asked to find another team. We are NOT in the business to be rude to people.

We are in the business to help people change their lives in a healthy positive way for not only themselves but the environment. Sounds like the people having problems do not have a good repor with the people who signed them up. Please accept apologies for the trouble you have had. The customer line should help you cancel your membership.

I am sorry for the rude comments made to you. Some Melaleuca customers are advocates for us and some are intense, but we love them


All of the above negative information is a lie...... If you were unable to cancel your membership that is no fault of your own and the person that enrolled you. I have been a customer and business builder with Melaleuca for over a year and had nothing but a GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!


I was a member of Melaleuca for about a year. Finally had to cancel due to having WAY too many products (Seriously, I have a closet full of cleaning products from them.) I sent them a letter approximately on the 8th of that month.

I wrote my full name, member number, reason for canceling, signed and dated it. I also put my full mailing address and phone number. I received an email the next week that confirmed that my membership had been cancelled, and that I could still buy their products, but not with the discount.

I was not charged for the month, and it was easy as that. So, while this story may be true, I followed the procedure listed on my contract exactly, and they immediately cancelled my membership...no problems at all!


I have cancelled my membership twice-no complications, very easy to do. What I notice is that ppl who complain alot don't really follow procedures or directions.


Your example wouldn't cancel your membership. You are also required to give a reason for cancellation or it isn't accepted as a cancellation.

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