Grand Junction, Colorado

Have found the products to be everything advertised. The vitamins and supplements are very effective at a good price.

The Insect repellant is awesome, and the GC shakes do help control blood sugar ( I have type II diabetes.) There are no hiddens. You are told up front about all costs. It is easy to order, and you do not have to go to a store. You may complain about the cost of shipping, But you pay for that when you buy at a store.

We have compared the quality and price and alot of the products, and the recommendation goes to Melaleuca. It is also nice to purchase from a company that is helping more individuals financially.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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A. I had nothing but issues with my online account and Melaleuca could not satisfactorily correct that.


It was not convenient at all and none of my issues were resolved after several talks with CS with positive feedback.

C. The GC shakes made me sick. The tough & gentle cleaner also made me sick and gave me migraines, which I thought was strange. The toothpaste hurt my teeth and made them extremely sensitive.

I used the soap and shampoo and broke out. The herbal products and laundry detergent did not work at all.

And finally, I was not satisfied so I returned the products (including vitamins which mad my throat itchy and caused hives). I cancelled my order, which was a ridiculous hassle that took easily 2 months. I have never heard back from the company but I did call and they stated my returns were received (many unopened products) and account successful cancelled.

CS did not know why no credit was given. I disputed charges and Melaleuca stated they have received nothing from me.

I really don't appreciate any of this experience and regret signing up. My family had used their products in the past and they were great.

That was decades ago. This time around the horrible experiences with the company and its products were shared by all.

Apparently this company really needs a single mom's money more than I or my child. They are really great....


Sounds like a load of *** to me.... Sounds like you have a deeper issue and you need to get checked out by a doctor soon, might be something seriously wrong with you, not the products.

If that was true than I find it hard to believe this company would have so many awards and be a multi billion dollar industry if it was causing that many issues as you claim. Good luck with your diagnosis!


Think about it ... if you purchase Melaleuca products?

You support "Frank VanderSloot and/or Melaleuca politics!

Don't buy into every fairy_tail you're told. This is real! A billion dollar real life game.

Google, Frank VanderSloot proposition #8

As I See IT "It's much easier getting in then out."

? Google Frank VanderSloot/Melaleuca lawsuits.

by Ken Klocke [KK©] ∞ ∼e~≥Æ☮ "The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is." - Winston Churchill tags: #misery #mlm #endlessChain #truthinadvertising

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