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I recently closed my melaleuca account because it's too expensive and the quality is not as good as they make it out to be.

1. You have to buy monthly and I was spending an average of $120.

2. If you do not meet monthly requirements they ship you what they call a back up order and you spend an average of $70 on that on top of your previous order.

3. The products are overpriced for not being organic. I have found cheaper products at the store that are 100% organic.

4. They do not disclose all ingrediants. For instance, fragrance. What do they use for their fragrance? No one knows. With my organic products I know exactly what is in them, including the source of the fragrance.

5. I can get better quality products for much cheaper off Amazon or Thrive or from my gorcery store. They have an endless selection of fragrance free and organic at every store. You just have to look and its way cheaper than melaleuca. The best part is, you are not required to order monthly when you go to the store.

6. People who do melaleuca are insane about it. The people who sell the products are literally obsessed. I had my enroller over, before I canceled. She saw non melaleuca products in my home and had a fit. She told me to only use melaleuca and I didnt hear the end of it for hours.

7. Warning: if you want to cancel your account it is super easy to do so. Do not talk to your enroller because your enroller will not allow you to cancel. Simply write a letter to melaleuca and fax it in. My account was closed the same day i faxed my letter in. Had my enroller known that I wanted out she would have pulled a stunt to keep me in. Long story but its easy to get out of. Just go directly through melaleuca to cancel. Melaleuca people are crazy and they will do anything to keep you as a customer. I have many stories about crazy enrollers who lied and cheated just to keep their status within the company.

7. Melaleuca is a great company and a great business if done the right way. I do respect their CEO and his values. It is the enrollers that I have issues with and the products are extremely expensive. If we did not have to order monthly then I would use their products. There are many products I love and miss but unfortunately the membership costs and monthly minimum are too much.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I just cancelled my membership for the very same reason. I do miss some of their products, but the cost was a deal breaker.


Do you mind giving a run Down on the products you liked and do miss? I would appreciate the feed back.

to Anonymous #1529007

Sure! The vitamin D is awesome.

It works great and is small, so easy to swallow if you are like me and can't swallow pills. I do miss the floor cleaner. It didn't really smell and it cleaned well. I used it basically daily.

I did keep their mopping stuff becuase the pads are reusable and I don't have to deal with the smelly swiffer pads. Their vitamins were good but I found organic vitamins that I like better. If you want a good vitamin melaleuca and organic are the way to go. My enroller did find out I left melaleuca and she said it is not negotiable and I have to come back.

Basically she is saying I do not have a choice because by coming back it helps her keep her status and car payment. My husband and I cannot afford melaleuca because of the monthly requirement to order, the shipment payment and the point system. Other than the crazy enrollers and the expense melaleuca is a great business and the products are better than most that you can find at the store, although they are not organic. My husband and I do want all organic so that's another reason we left.

If you want to do melaleuca go for it. You will not be disappointed in the products.

to Anonymous #1566698

I have used Melaleuca products for almost 10 years. I have had to cancel twice due to financial reasons, and I never had a problems doing so; you just have to do it in writing.

I use their cleaning supplies, and they are all amazing. I particularly like the stain remover; it works wonderfully. I also take the supplements and have had great results. The toothpaste, deodorant, pain cream, mosquito repellent and hand sanitizer are great.

I have tried most of their products, and love them all. The shampoo and hair conditioner did not work for me.

Anytime, I have had any issues with any of their products, they are immediately replaced at no additional shipping cost. Excellent customer service.

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