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I am thoroughly disgusted with this company. To help a friend get her business off the ground, I bought their vitamins for 100.00.

At no time was I told that they are going to keep sending this stuff and charging my credit card. I called and was told that I needed to email a cancellation notification. I did that and the vitamins kept coming. I've called my friend several times to ask for her help and she is being told that I need to call the company again.

Life is too short for this bs. It has strained our friendship. Also didn't find out until my order arrived that the vitamins have am and pm packets of about 7-8 pills. I don't know about you, but taking all those vitamins twice a day is too much for me.

My friend assured me in the beginning that this is not a mlm.

It absolutely is and I dislike mlm's intensely. I'd advise anyone to stay away from Melaleuca.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $260.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Melaleuca Cons: Products sent to me that i did not order.

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I can testify to this myself, as they are continuing to harass me and make unauthorized charges on my credit car. The sent me products I did not order and when I refused the product, they are charinging me for the shipping and return shipping. They are spending more money trying to get that $16


Are problem is not knowing what we are signing up for its the fact that no matter how many times you follow the steps you are unable to cancel the account and they keep charging your card.


I am a witness to this story! We cancelled our membership with Melalueca in June, they didn't send any products in July but come August an unauthorized transaction was made by Melaleuca for $66.97.

you know it's BS with Melalueca because if they re-send your same order every month, then why wasn't the original price we paid of $117 withdrawn from our account? Oh, no need to answer, Melalueca got your heads up your *** robbing people!


I believe that too!



Melaleuca is nothing but a societal menace at best. ^solid.fail.Stay clear of puting your friends and family in this "Sloppy_-_mess"Melaleuca, Inc.

/Frank L. Vandersloot use your loyalty/ purchasing power to LOBBY for POLITICAL power and CHANGING THE GAME- RIGHT WING INFLUENCE.


Don't believe his story Mela is very detailed on signup so you know that you are committing to a monthly shipment if you do not order

@ron v

How do you not believe this story? Oh, let me guess, You're A Melaleuca Fan Club Member.

It's true because it has happened to me & several others that I know. A whole group of us trusted the Rep from Melaleuca, placed orders are were robbed! We knew about future orders, BUT, cancelled before the month was out, called & sent in cancellation notices. Unauthorized transactions still occurred.

I filed a report with The BBB & I believe that's the only reason I received a full refund, without any questions asked. Melalueca's products are not worth a dime! The Reps are all scams using Fake Check stubs to fool all you fools into thinking they make these big bucks!

If Melalueca must over $6000 in your pocket, why in the *** do you need a full time job? Full-Time BS!

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