Grand Junction, Colorado

A "friend" Talked my wife in to signing up. Our credit card gets hit $93 every month and in return we get a box of garbage that would cost you $20 at Walmart.

This is just short of a pyramid scam. You are signing up to give the person that sold you a cut, the person that sold them a cut, etc... If you wan to give money away find a nice charity. I was in banking for 25 year and these people were despised in the industry.

People spent months trying to get the charges stopped and Melaleuca would tell them it was there banks fault. The bank is only the processor they can't stop or initiate a charge derived from contract you have signed.


Monetary Loss: $500.

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Someone apparently was ordering $93 worth of products every month. Do you think you can order things and 'pick a payment'.

Why didn't you call the company and as for 'the form to cancel?" Fax it in before the end of the month and you are done! As was said, the standard 'back up' order is about $52.99. Being a banker then you should understand that Melaleuca is similar to the insurance industry 1. you choose a policy 2.

pick a payment method 3. pay every month 4. Your agent collects a portion. Nothing illegal or wrong with this.


If you don't like Melaleuca's products you are free to go back to Walmart.


He didn't say it wasn't ordered; he said it was a box of *** his wife was talked into buying from a "friend". Not a very good friend and companies like this know a certain percentage of "friends" will sign up due to peer pressure, which is why they have their little parties to introduce the garbage.


:eek Im confused. The backup order which is not an autoship, is $52.99.

Listen... If you have an honest gripe thats fine, but dont lie.

There is absolutley no way you get hit with a $93 charge on your credit card every month. Just stop it.


Clearly they ordered $93 of *** a month. He said they got hit with a bill and they received this *** that would be cheaper at Walmart.

He thinks you sell ***.

You don't like it, so you make up a story. You are so brainwashed it is scary, so happy I am not dumb.


This is amazing. A friend of mine continues to post information about MELALEUCA and their products.

She talks about the low costs and how the products are organic and free of toxins.

I try to do a little research and see that everyone uses the exact terminology that she does. I am starting to think MELALEUCA is some kind of weird cult.


Well, I can assure you it's not a cult. LOL!

As an enroller I never claimed (nor did Melaleuca) that their products were 1. THE best 2.Organic (though some of the new snack food contain organic sources. 3. The ingredients in the home care line have eco friendly components.

Are they toxic? Well I wouldn't drink them or rub them in my eyes or pour them in my ears! See how silly this all becomes? I think the Mela haters just need to research and try to find any reason they can to tear down the fact that 1.

Melaleuca is doing record breaking sales 2. Use 'generally' safer ingredients 3. Profit share with their mkt. Execs.

rather than the middle man store billionaires. Personally I like the fact that those who want to refer this shopping concept get checks every month. Ever recommend a great restaurant to a friend? Ever have the restaurant pay YOU every time your friend eats there?

Didn't think so. Shop where AND best of all no one gets hurt..meaning if you don't like the company or products don't join Melaleuca. This is a free world. Shop where you like.

I'll stay with Melaleuca because my family has benefitted from the products for the past 19 years. I know my friends who I introduced to Melaleuca have been with the company as long as I have. We're not crazy or a cult.

Just satisfied with the products and the company.


People involved in a cult never know they are in a cult until they leave, if they ever leave.


You have hit the nail on the head. They get these people to believe a certain way, as they are the types who think they know everything and that they are smart.

Like their religions, politics, or this company, they are right no matter what. ALL CULT MEMBERS in a variety of ways. You can't teach these people due to their strong denial mechanisms.

Perfect cult followers, perfect sales people.


You're right.

Broke people are in a cult.

Anyone who breaks out, and goes against the collective must be a ***.

Why don't they just they just continue to buy products from the regular store like normal people.

They should continue to purchase poisonous products just like us.

Those brainwashed bastards.

Clearly we're right and they're wrong. How did you say it?

"You can't teach these people due to their strong denial mechanisms. Perfect cult followers, perfect sales people" Someone should make them stop, so they can be broke and opinionated just like us.


Pyramid scam? How is that possible?

Is buying a car a pyramid scam? I mean the sales guy, the finance guy, the sales manager and the company make a profit when you buy a car. Melaleuca does not advertise and in turn shares profits for those who are advertising for them.

I work in real estate and when I refer a client to another agent I get a 25% referral fee - is that a Pyramid Scam too? Why is this concept so hard to understand for you?


When your wife signed up she put down items on the form that she would want sent to her in the event that she didn't make an order. She was told all of this in the presentation.

The money that came out because she did not make an order was the back up order she signed up to be sent. All she had to do was fax a letter to melaleuca that she wanted to cancel her membership and it would have been done, they would not have taken any money out of your account for anything. People DO sign their friends up for Melaleuca becasue the products are 100 times better than they can get from Wal Mart.

You people probably probably shop the dollar store...Most people will pay a little bit more to get quality products unless they really don't care if what they are getting is mostly water and product that can harm you. I for one would rather be using products that inhance not that take away.


To Friends Don't Sell Friends...

The information shared are incomplete. And for me and all my friends who signed up as customers, they do like the products. They are not garbage, and for me they are of better quality than most products sold in stores. And since they are more quality, you pay a bit higher but I will pay more for better products especially for my health. The vitamins are great. I won't be wasting money on placebo like vitamins you buy at Walmart or CVS or anywhere...

Sure, you can cancel your preferred customer membership anytime but in WRITING. .You have to download the form online and fill it up, sign and send to the address given. How to Cancel info is on page 5 of the Preferred Customer handbook sent with your first orders. One can also opt to remain as a regular customer in which you have no monthly commitment to shop but with no discounts plus other perks


I used to be with melalaeuca to build a business but sponsor went on to do other stuff and its been a logntime since i did it but people keep asking me for their stuff, the stuff is very very good have to say and a friend mine is doing it now and i hope to join him so cant understand the negative stuff, your all adults and you know what your doing so when why get all hot and bothered, they send out products each month and you have to pay monthly simple as, and if you want to cancel you just emailed them and its not a problem, some people are just complainers


Your comments are puzzling. On their webpage they have a link to suspend or cancel your account or become a regular customer without the preferred benefits and discounts.

If you follow the instructions you should have no problem. Also, you can customize your back up order to get exactly what you want. It helps maintain your preferred customer status. However, its really like buying :) insurance.

You have it but you don't ever plan to use it. I mean, you don't forget to go to the store to buy your consumer products every month, right? If you knew more about the products you would probably have no problem ordering the minimum amount, you just swap where you shop. It appears that your wife may have been told about the company and its products and processes and you weren't around.

Its always good to share it with both spouses at the same time to minimize any misunderstandings. As far as the quality of the products, most are head and shoulders above what you would buy at Wal Mart. Many are concentrated also to not waste cost of shipping you the water (like in the cleaninig products). We absolutely love the health, beauty and cleaning products.

Most are way superior to what we were buying. The nutritional supplements are phenomenal in terms of results for my personal health and energy. I have lost weight just from the energy I have gained. I have energy throughout the day and have doubled my running and workouts.

Spend some time getting to know the company and its products and I believe you will feel the same.


It is clear that you did not sign up with Melaleuca....your wife did. She is the one who was interested in a healthier home environment and superior products that are extremely affordable considering their exceptional quality.

Your monthly order looks like a back up order.....that is sent only if an monthly order was not sent in by your wife. She should have changed to a Retail customer.

I shop at Melaleuca and I shop at Walmart too......but I will pay just a little more for healthier, superior non toxic personal products to preserve my health and my family's health. Walmart is only interested in your money. Melaleuca promotes health and wellness.

Walmart promotes cheap prices.

CHEAP is not synonymous with QUALITY. I will spend more for quality products and get more for my hard earned money.


That is true. Cheap is not synonymous with quality.

I strongly believe in the quality of products Melaleuca offers. I used to shop for my wellness and organic products at an organic/natural food retailer and yes, these are not cheap.

So when I joined Melaleuca, I get quality products at a discounted price.

Yes, Melalueca is a Wellness company so they sell healthy products both for people and environment. So if you are not a health conscious and environment friendly person, don't bother to join and shop.


Decided to comment here;

My wife has a Melaleuca business and she loves it. She truly helps people live healthier lives. Say what you want about the products, but as a person living with Eczema, I love them.

Many customers tell her how much the products help them; for example she has 4 people who ran in the Chicago marathon for the first time since using the nutrition products and all of them qualified for Boston; they all failed on previous attempts.

This is not a scam, its just an online company that sells great products.

You may not like the minimum requirements for Preferred, but you know what they are before you sign up.

The company continues to grow because the products work well. If they didn't, Melaleuca would not grow as an organization, they would perish.

If you are reading this and you're on the fence about Melaleuca; give it a shot and decide for yourself.

I'm glad my wife did...


I've done my own research here. From what I can see Melaleuca products do NOT contain the TOXINS that your favorite Walmart brands do and are super concentrated so I will be buying less of it!!

Stands to reason here Melaleuca products 1 are much safer for me my home and the environment and 2. Will certainly cost me less not only on product but gas to get to the store and my time! Looks to me like this is a WINNER in my book!! To bad you you don't see the advantages here!!

I think you should reconsider what you are throwing away!!

I know for me and my loved ones I don't want our clothes let alone our homes and bodies being cleansed in toxins!! Thanks for your post though, as I now will be contacting the company to find out how I can get these products!!


You are showing your ignorance by posting the above. Number one rule, never sign anything unless you know and understand what you are signing.

If you had read what you were signing, then you would understand that each month you can choose the products that you want to receive. If you don't choose them each month, then a back up order, that your wife created, will be automatically sent to you. You can cancel at anytime by simply filling out a cancellation form and sending it to Melaleuca. It's people like you that make me want to throw up.

Take responsibility for your actions, and stop blaming your ignorance on everybody else.



This review is so rude. "It's people like you that make we want to throw up." Really?

This site is for people to read about different products that people have tried and not enjoyed. Those people are entitled to their opinions and their experiences just as much as you are.

You don't "make me want to throw up", but your dramatic comments throughout this website on any post that is less than complimentary to Melaleuca are disrespectful. Disrespect looks bad on you and Melaleuca.

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