Montreal, Quebec

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE many of the Melaluca products -not all. I had to cancel my membership because I just couldn't keep up with the mandatory monthly purchase of whatever number of points it was approx $ value $75+tx CAD.

I would ask my family and friends to order at reduced prices every now and then but still I didn't want to keep hindering them. HOWEVER I would like to know if anyone is interested in taking my order (at preferred prices) to stay in the game I would like to offer myself up. In fact if there are a few who respond to this - I am willing to get it started again and do the same - get a few people in my area and we can all order at prefferred prices and keep up with the order. If one of us can branch out - then great !!!

Anyway contact me if you are interested and live in the Montreal, Quebec, Canada area.

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I use to order products from Mela, I love thre products, but hate to have to order 35 points per month. I usually get an over stock of one item, or the other.

Love all there products, but can only afford a few items.

After cancelling it is hard to live without them. Seems I am stuck between a rock and a hard way to go.


I agree with Lucy. I had to drop out.

Maybe for some this is feasible, but not for me. I am a single woman who does not earn much, and I just do not buy that many products monthly. I like Melaleuca's laundry soap, Sol-U-Mel and Sol-U-Guard and some of their other home products, but I honestly tried the personal products (deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.) and really just could not grow to like them. They did not work for me.

I still may buy some of the home products at one point, but it bothers me to have to pay SO much more because I am not a member making monthly purchases.

Seems either way they are trying to force you to spend more than you are comfortable with, and that is a problem for me. It just kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


My wife and I Love the Products, Now we are building the Business. In business there is always some type of overhead, But this OVERHEAD COST is a simple one, Its things your are already purchasing! I have done my research and the IN STORE PRICE FOR " ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS" is OVERPRICED!

When I looked into the company And saw the Prices and the comparisons IT WAS A SIMPLE CHOICE!

I look at it like this, Its a mind set choice. Plus they have all kinds of relationships with many great vendors , where you can get rebates and discounts on there products as well. I do my best to help those who are looking at switching oveer to these products. if you have any questions comments email me at


I am sorry to here that this person felt like they were forced out. The 75 Points is only for those who want to build a large business.

In fact if you just want to buy these products for personal use there is no quotas at all. You pay the retail price and you still save money compared to using store brands. I started out as a Preferred Customer 35 pts about $60 a month. My wife and I tried the products and now we are building a Home Business that will one day set us Free from working for someone else.

That is our goal. Well, hope you reconsider signing back up and giving it a go again.


I have been a Melaleuca customer for over 6 years and now order over 170 points a month....if anyone has a problem with 35 points then they dont bathe, brush their teeth, do laundry,take preventitive nutritional supplements, and wear makeup....sinmple as that...... and I am not talking all of these things just a few:)


I've been a Very happy Melaleuca customer for over 5 years now. I can't really understand why it freaks people out so much with the 35 points. I know for a fact that I save at least $50-$100 a month by shopping with Melaleuca each month! It was called ... Impulse Shopping!!

Plus, my mind is boggled by those who would rather purchase toxic products at the store, rather than shop for safer, most-cost effective products.

Then there are those who can justify eating out every night or purchasing 2-3 Starbucks coffees a day as a better way to spend their money. That's ok, but in my own experience, once your health is to far gone, it's a VERY long road back to it, if ever.

I guess that's why 95% of our customers are so happy and healthy!


With over 400 products in their line, Melaleuca has something for every room in the house.

It's just my wife and I and we use over 100 pts a month in product, just by replacing all the items we used to purchase at the store. Reduces our shopping down to just groceries for the most part.

If you have a hard time meeting the minimum, then take a check list and start with one room, say the bathroom: No Work Daily Shower Cleanser 3 pts, Sol-U-Guard 6 pts, Tough and Tender wipes 2 pts, Tub and Tile 3 pts, Fresh Rain Mist 3 pts, Dental Pack (tooth polish , rinse, breath spray, floss, toothbrush, gum) 10 pts, Herbal Shampoo 6 pts, That's the 35 pt minimum and I haven't even gotten to the conditioners, styling stuff, hair treatments, bar soaps, deodorants, etc...Most of these will last a couple of months, so you order next month for the laundry or kitchen or medicine cabinet or snacks.

One room at a time get it's it done.


I have been a customer since Dec. 9th, and love the products!

I am a lifetime customer. The products have value, are safer for your family, home and the environment, and they save you money. It makes sense. They also offer a great opportunity to make residual income.

I made a lot of money in just my 1st month. I am very excited about this company! If anyone wants more info.

Email me at :)


I recently joined with Melaleuca and I really love the products. I know that some would say that you are spending more on the items than at the store.

The main thing that I enjoy about the products is how safe they are for my family. I live check to check just like most others and some probably think I am crazy.

I am currently trying to build my organization and if there is anyone who has pointers please email me at and put Melaleuca in the subject. Thak you and have a lovely day!


A girl from my work starting selling these products. Thought they sounded great because they were chemical free and so on.

I thought I would join not to make extra money, I work full time already, just cause the products sounded great. But now after reading all this I have something to think about.

Our family is on a tight budget and I don't want to be screwed!! Thanks for all the info.


Im seriously considering this opportunity but who the heck knows who to trust with all these schemes and dead end roads. I hope and pray this is not another one.Every company Ive dealt with has said what melaleca says in one way or another. Then again I also know no business adventure can have high hopes of success with a skeptical mind.


Melaleuca can be a very successful opportunity if you go about it the correct way. You are not so much selling the products as much as you are simply telling people about a company and how their products can truly benefit them in every aspect of their daily lives.

And you are sharing a valuable business opportunity. But, you must be aware of the type of person you are trying to attract. You are not trying to attract a person who does not care all that much about higher quality items. If a person does not care about higher quality foods or feeding their children well balanced meals, they arew probably not the type of person to care about using safe cleaning products in the home.

You are not trying to attract people who live week to week...However small it may be, this does require a monthly purchase. It does come out of your monthly budget, and you are not supposed to have to spend any more money than usual, but for people strained week to week it is scary for them to commit to a monthly payment. I would love to give more tips.

Anyone interested in beginning an amazing business opportunity, please contact me at Good luck!


I am interested , get back to me, I appreciate this company


almost cancelled for same reasons---pay about 52.oo instead of 75-80.00 by doing a certificate program with them--check it out


Just wanted everyone to know that I was never a 'Pissed of Customer' of Melalueca. I think the products are great and I am building my business.

I have started working closely with my team leader and I think things are progressing nicely. I appreciate the helpful emails and notes. I just wanted to get that out there since I can't delete my comment!

And to those of you who are considering enrollin with Melalueca, whether it is to just be a customer or to build a business-make sure and read all comments on this website, not just the complaint before making a decision! You will find there are far more positives then negatives if you actually do your research.


Melaleuca is a great business opportunity and has the best products ever. I am willing to help ANYONE become a customer or get started as a business builder.

Contact me at and put MELALEUCA in the subject heading of the email. I would love to see YOU succeed!


Melaleuca is a great business opportunity and has the best products ever. I am willing to help ANYONE become a customer or get started as a business builder.

Contact me at and put MELALEUCA in the subject heading of the email. I would love to see YOU succeed!


After reading all of the comments, I'm not sure if it's worth joining.


If you are getting a check, you should be able to find someone on your team who is being successful at the business. Give them a call and ask for their help.

After all, they benefit from your monthly shopping. If you do not have phone numbers available to you, call Business Development at 1-800-282-3000 option #5 Explain that you want to build your business and need help from you up line.

They should be able to help you find others in your group who are building a business.

Hope this help and good luck.



I just joined, and am having a hard time getting started and getting people to sign up-no matter how great it is! And my leader fizzled off when I wasn't progressing to my goals.

Could you help me figure it out?

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