Boise, Idaho

I use their 6x concentrated laundry soap that is in a bio degradeable bottle.My clothes are softer and cleaner with just 1 tablespoon per large load of their Melapower laundry soap.

I have cholestrol problems and am currently taking Zocor, which has side effects that can cause liver damage, so I have to have blood work done every 3 months. Since I have been taking the vitality pack vitamins , my bad cholestrol has came down and my, good cholestrol has increased. My doctor prescribed right out of my Melaleuca resorces guide book 2 – Vita Omega 3"²s daily for my triglycerides and provec c for my cholestrol. My blood work came back with astonishing results. i may be off of Zocor for life soon because my levels are finally normal. I am 55 years old.

I absolutely love their clear power glass cleaner, it cleans the glass and surfaces, and they actually look polished.Their rustic touch furniture polish *** old wax build up and ground in dirt, thus bringing out the beauty of the natural wood,practically looking brand new..The spot remover took out all of the grease and grime from my husbands Levi's. Love their products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

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