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Most of the negative "complaints" posted on here are from the same person posing as different people in an attempt to cause problems. I have been a consumer advocate for 3 years now, and even mantian a blog that helps protect people from online scams and frauds, and have seen this type of thing happen repeatedly. Usually it is either by a former employee or a customer who wants to stick it to the company every way they can.

It becomes easy to identify the pattern when a complainer begins to pose as different people to post multiple complaints. They typically use the same type of wording, but stick with the same basic complaint repeatedly - basicly stating the same thing over and over.

I have shopped with Melaleuca off and on for the past 2 years or so. I can tell you, it is not hard to cancel, there is no scam, and the products they sell, though a little overpriced, are pretty good. There is a discount for signing a contract that says you'll buy every month, but that contract is not required (only if you want the savings that comes with it.)

As someone else pointed out, this company has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has a good reputation in general for products and services.

We live in a wolrld of free speech so anyone can pretty much say what they want to about whatever they want, but making false claims although not illegal is still unethial. But that doesn't stop people from doing it.

Rest assured, the purpotrator making false complaints here will likely change up their tactic from here. And they'll keep things up until they find a new company to cause problems for, or they get bored. It's a sad pattern, but one that happens over and over in today's society. Website owners have a responsibility to manage the false reports, but seldom do. Most find it is just too much time and effort and not worth it.

For me and my part, I say it's just good to recognize that is the way some peole are now a days.

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Yes, I agree. I know that they are false statements as I have been a customer 3 times.

The prices of Melaleuca may be higher than Walmart but they are not made in China, there is quality control. God only knows whats in those products? Also one complainer said --she couldn't quit, that is a lie, I quit 3 times and never had a problem and am now a customer again and they were very happy to see me back. Also another complainer said ---they take your bank account number etc and charge to it and they only have whatever you gave them when you signed up.

Also another complainer said that she got stuff in a back up order when she forgot to order and she didn't want any of that stuff, she picked out her own back up order when she signed up, everyone does.

This is in case you forget to order and you will still get your favorite items. They do not just pick out your back up order for you---you pick it!

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