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First you have membership costs. That’s yearly.

Then you have to purchase about $65 - $70 every month! On top of that they have expensive shipping & handling. Takes your mandatory minimum monthly amount to about a hundred a month. They tell you you can get free products & save on your order, but any savings or free items are after the mandatory monthly amount!

Your mandatory monthly amount is just that, mandatory. They use points, 36 points & you can order what you want but that correlates to about $65 - 70 or even more. I was told this mandatory monthly amount is necessary to keep their prices low. Shipping keeps any savings minimal.

Quality is also not better compared to organic & natural products I purchase elsewhere. That they hadn’t had a price increase in years. At the prices they currently are I can see why. Even a mere million customers worldwide spending a minimum of $65 a month, that’s 65 million a month income.

Add in the memberships & why would they have to increase prices? They didn’t say the last time they upped the point requirement though. I was not allowed to see products & prices before becoming a member. You may see a book your salesperson put together & a thousand videos of just how awesome everything is, but you don’t get a full grasp on the limited selection of products nor the actual ingredients, prices, etc.

They tell you how the company has no bills, that should have been a red flag & told me how over priced everything was right there! With a bare minimum income of 65 million a month you’d have to be pretty poor at business to have a deficit. With memberships & mandatory minimums you’re on easy street. They concentrate on how the company has concentrated everything to be a greener company.

Which is good. Then they charge you for the items you need to unconcentrate their items. You can buy those elsewhere though, cheaper & better. Lol.

Some products have a high level of “other” ingredients & a whole lot of warnings. They might have one or two things that look or sound healthy & then a bunch of unknowns. They don’t say what they are. I have the same type of products, natural ones from companies that list all ingredients & no similar warnings.

Some products not healthier at all. Many of the items I purchased performed poorly & had listed items in them and/or warnings that are not items I want in my home. Not much was all that healthy. Food included.

I was led to believe they were more natural & organic. Several items were just average products. I can’t remember anything that was actually organic. When I questioned them I was told it is a wellness company.

Wellness did not mean organic & healthy. Just like drug stores or fitness stores. General wellness. They push you to invite your family & friends so you can earn money, trips, cars & so on.

However you’re not allowed to sell it & there are very specific guidelines of what you can & cannot say because it could result in them undergoing investigations. They seemed really frightened about that & being labeled multilevel marketing. Any place of purchase other than directly from them is forbidden. I was told I cannot use their name when trying to bring in new customers.

I could describe and say how happy I was and how I wanted to assist them to be happy but not use company name. I was to have a particular company level person make an appointment with any potential customers and they would sign them up with me. You are restricted in terminology. Really, really strange for an above board company.

Another reason I left. Things just seemed odd. They tell everyone they are not multilevel marketing but allegedly when people who’ve been with the company for years are making millions from people under them, what else do you call it? They provide these success stories of the millions people have made by selling memberships to friends & family, then to their friends & families.

Examples of what I could achieve with the company. Years ago they may have had their niche. Healthier lifestyles weren’t as popular so average wellness products fit in. They tell you to encourage the people you sign up to get more people & you get money and when you get certain amounts of people under you & you make them order every month you could get a car of your choice.

If you should die all the people you signed & all of theirs go up to someone else. It collapses easy too when people figure out they are actually paying more for items that aren’t the quality they want once they can see products and ingredients. To me this was just an expensive online drug store type business with a membership & mandatory monthly purchase (to keep your membership, any bonus money, any saved savings, etc. You can put it on hold but you lose all you’ve earned & yet to use).

This is why the yearly membership, the minimum mandatory purchases, shipping costs made the products I could get by with actually cost more than other places. I was paying for those bonus car costs, trips & cash for others who were getting new people. I suppose if I was really conniving I could make some money as with any other multilevel marketing company. I like to purchase & do business with others on the level.

A good product at a good price does not need bells & whistles like cars & trips to sell it. I did have the option to just be a buyer and not reel in everyone I came in contact with. Maybe that makes it not a multilevel marketing company?

Like the ad on tv now about some people like to be stung by bees & other not so pleasing events. If that’s you, you might like spending extra money...If you prefer smarter choices, not having another mandatory monthly bill, a selection of organic, natural, healthy items you should probably keep looking.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Melaleuca Pros: Vitamins.

Melaleuca Cons: Selling tactics, Commitment to a monthly order.

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They are easy more natural, but organic is a marketing ploy and has very low standards so if anything says "organic" it's B.S.

Also the month package is point based so it's dependant on what you buy, I spend around $50 on products.

They are also factory direct so they aren't halfway to expired when they get to you like general store products.

They are a really good company but not for the poor for sure lol, I had to cancel my membership for 2 years because of a job loss.

You should always pay attention to what you sign up for when there is a membership involved, that's a no brainer. I wonder why so many people have a problem with that?



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