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I have shopped from Melaleuca since 1995. When I signed up the "Back Order" was explained and made sense, I selected the items I need each month and if I don't place an order the minimum is sent, about $75 and excellent deal considering the inferior store bought products would end up costing more in the long run and performance is far far inferior to the Melaleuca product.

If you sign anything you need to READ IT and UNDERSTAND IT before you sign! Nancy Pelosi taucht us that! I'm not interested in the money making element, Melaleuca offers, I just like cleaning products with out phosphates and all the other products out preform any other products on the market! I have had several issues through out the years that have always been resolved to the positive and well beyond my expectations!

My dentist and doctor are impressed with my health and that is directly a result of Melaleuca products. Through out the years I have referred people to the shopping system some liked it some didn't but in every case everyone thanked me for sharing the products and had no problem getting their account canceled and any moneys due, returned! Nothing in life is perfect and you can always find someone to complain about anything! My 19 years of shopping has been a pleasure and I can not go a day without my supplements, dental care and most of all skin care "Renew" ROCKS!!!!!!.

With all the B.S. that is heaped on Melaleuca, I for one want to thank Melaleuca for being such a reliable product line and assisting me in maintaining a higher quality of life! I'm living evidence it's not about the money it about the PRODUCTS!!!!!!!

Thank you, from a happy customer! Greg T.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

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The best product !! Amen !! Amen!!


The children's toothpaste has aspartame in it. A cancer causing chemical, were you aware of that?

Also their Sustain energy drink has sucralose an artificial sweetener that cause irritable bowel symptoms for me. Their products are not all natural. Furthermore their cleaners smells like vinegar with green dye added. Why not just buy a big $2.00 jug of vinegar from the store and use it to clean?

People are so brain washed by this company! It's sad.


I don't see aspartame listed on the toothpaste ingredients. Am I missing something?


There is no aspartame, I just looked it up. Also I also have had IBS since the mid 1990's and sustain does not cause any issues for me.

Different things especially stress can trigger symptoms but it is specific to that person. Allergy to that form of sugar maybe? IBS is not a fun thing to live with and I hope you feel better.

The cleaning products absolutely do not smell like vinegar. I am a smart consumer and did my research; no one I know is brainwashed by this company.


How would you even know? You are brainwashed, which is why you never learn or grow emotionally or spiritually, just follow someone or some thing.

This same cult behavior around these types of companies has been around years.


No they aren't aware as they just drank the kool-aid and march on. Typical of these types of moneygrubbers.

They wouldn't know green or clean products if it jumped up and bit them. They are completely brainwashed.


A number of their products contain sucralose, yet they are still labeled as "no artificial flavor," or "no artificial sweetener." Sucralose does not grow naturally, it is a chemical byproduct of sugar. It is so chemically manipulated that it doesn't even resemble sugar any more.

Many people with chemical sensitivities have a problem with sucralose. (Although not as many as have a problem with aspartame.)


I have been a member since 2007 and agree completely with your comments. I love that the products are safer for our home and family.

The gold bar, toothpaste, renew, and laundry products I would be lost without. Savings not only in dollars but in time with online ordering and delivery.

Another happy customer. MelaMama

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