I like the products. Not in love with them as others are.

I've been shopping with the company for a few years now. I continue to shop with them because we (husband and I) like some of the products and so that our friend that signed us up keep getting her commission as a business builder. We're a 2 income household and have had to cancel and rejoin in order to take a break from being charged because we don't always need to shop. Shipping costs are crazy expensive on top of your $70 worth of products.

That's about $83 a month!! They tell you it's like a Sam's club membership but NO you have to shop every month. With Sam's it's a yearly subscription and you only shop when you need to. I also haven't had the opportunity to try out any other products because we try to stick to a budget.

Therefore, we can only buy the essentials like laundry detergent, vitamins, and cleaning products. Then she recommended we try the business side. Unless you have NO job and ZERO responsibility at home, this is not doable and almost impossible to make a steady income doing this. To really make money with this company, EVERYONE you sign up has to be a business builder.

So that means you need to be on the phone with tons of people you know, dating back from high school 24/7... literally...getting them to sign up and pray they want to do the business side of it! You also need to set aside time for training. So if you're not a part of some big organization like a church, non-profit, or a fitness instructor that already have a group of people in mind to sign up then this will be a very hard business for you.

By us both having full time jobs, this did not work for us. They recommended that we call people after work then. NO! I will not call people after 8pm!

They have good products and customer service at home office.

They should consider giving shoppers at least one month off a year. I think it's about time we cancel our subscription, yet...again!

User's recommendation: Subscriber be ware!!!

Location: Mesquite, Texas

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