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an acquaintance recommended Melaleuca to me, simple - read all. The lady who was insisting for me to sign up was saying all the good stuff "you'll get $$$" shows me all the commissions she received told me her daughter graduated with the help of melaleuca.

She keeps on telling "it will only take a couple of minutes to sign up" - yes if you are foolish you'll sign your life away. Im 101% sure that most of the good,amazing,loyal undercover melaleuca agents are ofcourse killing all the negativity, come on! Just to get your commission you let people sign their bank accounts away. Karma will get you.

Its so sad people will cheat on people just to survive. FYI, i did not sign up & attempted to order, i went to the store & enjoyed buying stuff that im not obligated to buy monthly.

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For telling negative comments about Melaleuka...We'll, Just get all the FREE TOXINS you want from your other stores, then you're on your way signing up your life AWAY a lot faster.


Vitacost and IHerb both blow Melaleuca away hands down! No minimums, no shipping HUGE SELECTION of awesome organic and natural products without ever leaving home.

You guys may want to get with the 21st century program.


how can you possible have signed your bank accounts away? I am so confused by comments like these.

I have been a melaleuca customer for years and not only do I love the products, they have the best customer service around!!! Plus, I never "signed up" - I joined - big difference. The renew lotions has changed my son's skin who suffers for eczema, I have had little bumps on the backs of my arms for 40 years, they are now GONE. The shampoo and conditioner has changed my hair.

I get it is hard to switch shopping at Target and Walmart or in your case the Dollar Store - companies spend millions and millions for you to shop there, then they spend even more money to convince you to buy their products. Melaleuca doesn't advertise and maybe the person who was supposed to educate you didn't do a very good job. The products speak for themselves and there is NO RISK - in most cases is costs $1 to join and you don't even need to join to buy the products!! Another point is you are obligated to buy things monthly - assuming your brush your teeth, wash your clothes, clean your house and wash your dishes.

You just aren't willing to see the benefit of shopping a different way. Please don't put the company down because you where not educated.

Plus you NEVER even tried ONE product.


Ha ha ha... sign your life away?

when you go buy groceries at any grocery store are you signing your life away? How hilarious.

It's this simple...if you want better,natural, eco-friendly, healthier, science based products that actually work than you are welcome to shop at Melaleuca's store...If you don't care about the type of products you have in your home and put in your body then you can keep buying at the grocery store... How's that signing your life away.

You're not making sense


Sign your life away? my god, how foolish are you?

The membership is $29 and you buy products that are better, safer and sometimes cheaper and you already buy on a monthly basis. Unless of course you don't brush your teeth or do laundry! Did you sign your life away when you got your Costco membership for $50 or $100???

Oh, wait - Costco is a scam too. Its people like you who are not fully informed and post *** stuff like this online that infuriate me.


Thank goodness for special know-it-alls like yourself to save us from thinking for ourselves. Melaleuca is a Company to help clean out the toxins in your home and build healthy lifestyles - the business is optional choice by whomever. Sign up as "direct" and buy at retail prices whatever, whenever you want; or buy monthly at 30-40% discount (which is apparently the only choice shown to you by your incompetent friend); or buy your toxic chemicals at the store you love so much.

Next time, ask yourself how much common sense it takes to realize you cant "clean" your home with "toxic" chemicals - except you because you know everything.


God help the world with people like you lol

too funny are you for real ??

"it will only take a couple of minutes to sign up" - yes if you are foolish you'll sign your life away

Sign your life away lol too funny :roll


Hey you may be signing your life away but it is to help save your life. If you ever met the CEO you would truly understand the mission of this company.

I am not defending them but if you look around in society people are broken and looking for hope. I can speak because I am one of those people who were not spoon feed and had to work for everything and I was one looking for hope. If $1 is going to break me any more than I already was then I think it was worth the risk.

My life to me is worth $1 as well as that of my kids to try a shopping concept that could provide a better life for me, my friends and family. And partner with a company that I feel gains no benefit from taking advantage of it's customers.

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