Chicago, Illinois

Just try them. They will earn your trust.

I was MORE than skeptical at first. I thought, "How can this company really be more cost-effective and give me a better product?" Wow. In our first year of shopping we saved hundreds of dollars over shopping for the same type items at Walmart. I didn't trust them at first, but I'm glad we tried it.

Melaleuca has now earned my trust, and I can't say that about a lot of places I shop. I am especially impressed with their website and customer service department. I very rarely need to leave my house to do our necessity shopping.

I firmly believe this: Don't believe everything you hear, but do believe everything you experience. Our experience has been great.

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That is not correct they are cheaters and take people money. I will never build Melaleuca Business again.



I concur. There is a Scrooge for every Christmas.


Not denieing good products...just unaffordable for some of us. $70 a month in this hard hit economy is a bit much. Thanks


I am new to Meleleuca, but I believe in this company and I feel the products really are great and I love the access bars. THEY ARE DELICIOUS.

But not only that these are products you use daily. Meleleuca is not to blame for people being bad reps.

(the person who introduced you to it) Just understand how it works and you will see it really is all clear as day and is honestly an opportunity for customers as well as reps. :]

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