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Some people enrolled, but they decided to cancel, they just faxed and it was cancelled, but they still received a backup order. And to top it off- being the enroller I didn't get paid anything, even though they did get paid because of the backup order.

I don't like people to be charged without wanting to, or for the people who goes to all the trouble to find them customers don't get paid because they didn't buy the membership, but they still shipped the backup order without the membership kit, there isn't any problem there. Sorry I believe they should like people buy from they company without the monthly commitment. And they should pay at least something to the people who find them customers regardless, if they buy membership or not.

Also the people the reps are not allowed to advertise the products to get the attention of people, the people have to attend an presentation. The company isn't bad but they do need to improve in these areas, in my opinion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm pretty sure they don't want the product to be announced cause they are not approved by FDA. This company may have great healthy products but they have people with obligation working for them.

That's not ok. My self and my 4 kids have allergies and asthma and we buy all the "Method" products and we never get sick PLUS we don't have to have a contract or spend $60 or more to buy this Friendly Planet products in Publix or @Jet app with free shipping with your $35 order and 2 days delivery.


Agree with you on all points


Interesting... I have always been told that anyone can by from Melaleuca WITHOUT a commitment...

That is called being a direct customer... and they pay REGULAR prices. Not the saving and perks that a prefered member get as a LOYAL shopper. With 450 products it was easy to switch my whole house and meet the minimum order amount each month...

We are paid when the person is a PREFERED customer, not a direct customer. It does take some work but the value and quality all speak for themselves. Some people get it and some people dont. As for getting a back up order after canceling the same month...

IDK. The back up orders can be sent back for a full refund as well.


I am still waiting for my refunds on orders returned. I have confirmed by tracking numbers and the company at one time confirmed receipt over the phone but now a few months later, no refunds, and they state they haven't received anything.


Your 100% right... report your concerns with the FTC and/or w/ the Internet Crime Complaint tools [IC3] Let these folks sort it out.

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I have been a melaleuca preferred customer for the last 21 years. I have been very pleased with the products and with their business.

Their never has been and never will be a business model that pleases one hundred percent of the population.

But the Melaleuca business model speaks for itself. Melaleuca has over one million monthly satisfied shoppers, AAA rating from the better business bureau, over one billion dollars in annual sales.

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