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I joined Melaleuca and once I joined realized that there weren't enough products I wanted to make my monthly quota

I told them I wanted to cancel my membership.

NO ONE listens to me. They blithely ignore me and keep sending me emails and just charged my credit card for an order I never placed, and when I've tried to call there were problems in the system and no one would pick up.

Any other compnay you say you want to cancel your membership, no problem. Only this stupid company ignores you and has the nerve to charge my card after I've told them numberless times that I don't want to be a member.


Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $67.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I am sorry you feel this way. There are over 400 products to choose from in a variety of categories.

As for canceling, it's 1 call and 1 piece of paper. One of my customers cancelled in a day!


Sorry to hear you had an issue. But from personal experience I've known several people that have chosen to cancel their membership and it was very easy.

They won't cancel over the phone; there is a form you print out and sign and send in or Fax.You say they ignored you but they kept sending you emails so you say. Isn't that communicating sounds like they were trying to assist you but you weren't communicating back.Hey if the company or product are not for you then the best choice was to quite but you just need to follow the cancellation procedure which is very easy. The reason you were charged was for the back up order default which is there if you don't select anything. However they explain this at the time a person signs up.

You have the choice to change it. The rules also specify that if you cancel it must be prior to the last day of the month before the backup order kicks in. It sounds like you probably waited too long.It doesn't matter what other companies do you have to follow the cancellation procedure of the company you are dealing with. That goes for any company.

They do offer and will give back a refund up to 90 days if i remember correctly this is accurate too they are very ethical. Not sure why you had this experience but hope you have found happiness with your method of shopping.

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