Haverhill, Massachusetts

I have been shopping with them for almost 7 years now and have helped many others improve their health too.

I find the only people who cancel shopping with them don't plan their budget and are usually dollar store shoppers.

Those I help admit they go shopping at least once a month and were paying much more for toxic retail products before switching to this store and they love all the non toxic products and the amazing savings they offer that no other can beat.

I also always strongly suggest they actually look at the products and prices and compare before joining, it's just smart.

Many of the people I help are on a very tight budget with a monthly check due to serious illness and they plan their shopping and have no complaints about the products or the company policies, and none have ever said they couldn't cancel or had any trouble at all. Also they are not a pyramid scheme, or an MLM like many others, we do not sell products, in fact, it's against their policies. Anyone who has ever been a loyal customer or an educated business builder would know this clearly. And by the way, when ever I help anyone join to improve their quality of life, I actually strongly suggest they Google search the company for claims and complaints against them just like this because they are so far from the truth, they prove they are told by the those who know nothing about this company and it's amazing policies and integrity.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Don't knock the dollar store. There's some great deals there. And don't mock people who only have enough money to shop there--stuff happens in people's lives that causes them to need to "budget" in ways that obviously don't approve of.


I am a Melaluca customer and have been for years; this persons attitude really turns me off . If I was a person making decisions about this company I would turn my back on this company because of this persons attitude.

We as Melaluca Representatives do not look down on others because of their attitude about money or their financial situation.

That is just wrong and disrespectful to others. We use Melaluca products because we enjoy what they stand for and the quality of the products.

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