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Oh so not happy!!! I signed up to check out their products and got one of the big packs.

Included in this big pack was a certificate for a security system. I left it on the table and forgot all about it. Well I went to New York for a very brief trip. When I was about to enter the Holland tunnel I get a call from a guy about this security.

I tell him "look I'm on vacation I will be back home in the next few days and to call me back then and we will discuss it" Never received a call back. Then seen the paper and thought ok let's check this out. He put me down as "Moved" Should have been my first sign, but I inquired anyways. Sounded good so ya lets do this why not since the lady made it sound like it was state of the art equipment and very expensive.

When I got the equipment I was so disappointed to say the least. It was more out of date than the equipment already installed on the wall that's been there for 2+ years ago. Once I followed the instructions to install it, it never detected any motions. I set the alarm for 3 days and never had to turn it off.

It never went off or spoke when any doors opened, never noticed me or my 100 lb dog for 3 DAYS. Sad. Plus I wasn't so sure I wanted to get locked into a 5 year contract with lame equipment. I started to investigate with other companies and no one has a contract, they are all month to month.

If something was to happen with your fiances your not shut off and still owe, your just shut off till you pay. When I called to cancel and return the product the guy argued with me. That was a big no no for me. If I want to cancel what is the big deal?

If this is the kind of service I get just calling to get rid of this ridiculous system what would make me think service would have been any better once the contract kicked in? I was still in the buyers remorse time frame and boy was I feeling remorseful. So I finally got to the lady who originally signed me up and got the address to return the system. It costed me $19.90 to send it.

Then a short time later I got a notice from the post office I had a package waiting on me and that I needed to pay $19.90 to pick it up. I go and it is that dreaded system and it was labeled as "No such address" She gave me the wrong address to return it. So I called back and was like why did you give me the wrong address? She stated "I'm not sure what the miscommunication is as to why you got the wrong address, I know where we are" REALLY?

So I just made up this random address? You gave me this address lady and now it is going to cost me $19.90 to pick it up and $19.90 to send it back AGAIN. You gonna help with any of this cost due to your mistake? "No we don't it is your responsibility" So folks now it has costed me $10.

to ship it to me and $57.90 to get it back to them. RIP OFF!!! Do not recommend their security system to ANYONE!!! Plus with all the other companies out there that don't lock you into a 5 year contract.

This company is not any more advanced than other companies. Plus I found them to be more expensive. Hard to cancel. Now not only did I have this difficult issue with them, they went ahead and deducted the monthly service fee from my checking account.

I inquired about getting my money back and she said "once we get our very expensive equipment back we will refund it. Well they did get their package and I still have not got my money back from them.

Will just have to fight it with my bank. Plus call the BBB on them if need be.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Security System.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have their state of the art security system. I installed it too.

Had a tech over the phone tell me what to do and i did it. Not rocket science here. Its a better system than the one I currently have....which is hard wired into my house. The mela security system covers more area, is remotely monitored .

I can turn it on and shut it off from my phone. It has outside camera availability (my other system doesn't) and it costs me $29.00 a month because i live in a remote area and needed the stronger system. Otherwise it would've cost me $24.00 a month. Even the $29.00 is cheaper than my older system for monitoring and I have had no problems with my system.

It always detects movement in my house. And even though you don't know what its doing, it KNOWS what you are doing and if you turn it on and walk around your house, you'll find out how fast it alarms.

Go ahead give it a test. You should have 30 seconds to arm or disarm it...then you're SCREWED!!


The security system Melaleuca sells is not directly from them but rather a partner. They also have a 30 day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

Rather than complaining about the product, why didnt you get your money back? Why did you let them know it wasn't working correctly?

Maybe you installed it incorrectly? If you're going to say negative things, say them about yourself.


It arrives 2 weeks after you sign up and they conveniently have no techs available for just past the 30 day mark.

Once purchased, the sales person is no longer available...it now goes to their main office.


whenever we order some thing we have to remember we were the ones who ordered it! Melaleuca is a wonderful store that has products that help the skin!

Im going to try all the cleaning products in Febuary because im getting ready to have someone very special for dinner.!

Sorry you had such a hard time. The customer service people are very kind and will help you and if you didnt like one of them hang up and try another one you will always find some body in the company willing to go the extra mile to help you.


Strange. I got their security system as well and have had zero problems.

When the scheduled installation call came, they would have walked you through each step to make sure everything worked. Every single sensor as well as the camera.

I also found they were $30 a month less expensive than ADT and Vivint. I also found that every company that gives you free equipment requires a long term contract.


Wow 30 less than Vivint!!!! We have Vivint

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