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At 3pm on 10/23, I went to hear a talk about this company.I was told that there was "no pressure" and I could cancel "anytime", but sign up now for $1 until the end of the month (see Facebook page on Co.). I decided it wasn't for me, called and cancelled on 10/31.

A few days later,I was getting calls that my credit card would not go through.The young man I spoke to was extremely rude(I would have been fired for speaking to a person that way),told me my order was not placed by the 25th of the month,(which we were told would start in Nov.), I called this person who had done the talk to cancel many times,never returned my calls,did not receive my "cancellation papers" until 11/10 and the box of stuff they send you each month if you don't sell enough was postmarked 11/14.I sent it back,at my expense,and they now have taken the money out for their shipping on 12/7.

It's a rip-off, a scam, and they don't care.There are no toll-free numbers to call, except for orders, and there is no way to cancel except to send them a form or fax it to them.Three people were there, this happened to all three. I have a feeling this has happened to alot of people, this company should be ashamed of themselves.

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I have been enrolled with Melaleuca as a customer for 14 years. Over that time I have had customers cancel.

Never a problem. Fax in a letter cancelling your membership and thus no autos hip anymore. Must be done before the 15th of te month in order to cancel for current month otherwise it happens the next month.

Sadly by enrol long you lose the advantage of getting and using superior safer and environmentally safe products. R


Kyle, you got the right answer. There are a team of people monitoring sites like this one, and beyond to keep people from knowing the truth. It's effective, but pathetic.


Thank you, Kyle!! I appreciate someone who sees exactly what I do!

You made my day!! (Especially the comment about the person who "knew me" and I took all these companies to court, etc.) Thank you again!!


This is too funny. It seems like Maelaluca have a dedicated team of people who monitor sites like this to attempt to discredit anyone who posts a complaint about this MLM scam (lol at the person claiming to know Deb from a simple post and a first name).

If that doesn't work they try to obfuscate the argument by talking about how great the products are or claiming the person just talked to one bad representative. If it was just one bad one and there really are thousands of good ones, why in the world would there be hundreds of complaints like this all over the web? Furthermore, if the products are so wonderful why don't they just sell them in a store like everyone else? Why does it have to have the aspect of "signing up your friends and family"?

Until it drops that aspect and the shady auto charges to your credit card it will never be more than what it is: a multi-level marketing scam.

Avoid these things at all costs, people.

Cue the posts saying "I used to work with Kyle and he is an embezzler" or something. LOL.


So in all actuality, this is a case of a single bad sales person - out of thousands and thousands of decent ones.

The complaint is equivalent to getting a bad waitress at Outback and flaring arms around in the air shouting "Don't eat at outback - it's a scam!!!"

If you want to make a difference here, expose the sales rep. What's their name? Melaleuca won't put up with people doing that. They have a great reputation and won't allow activity like that.


Ok, maybe I didn't make my complaint CLEAR enough, and please I don't need any more written informercials telling me how wonderful the products are, they cured something the doctors couldn't, and how much money I can make. Excuse the caps, but some people only read what they want too!

MY POINT...was that I went to a friends house at 3pm on Sat. Oct. 23, 2010, for a "job". I sat through a vague presentation, about selling the products, how they were better for you, the environment, etc.

I was also told that if I signed up BEFORE the end of the month, which they said was the next weekend, Oct. 31st., it would only be a dollar. I said that I would check with my daughter and see if this was something we could do together. The presenter was from a nearby state, and he said to me, "I won't be back here by the end of the month, so let me take your information down, and that way I will have it." I gave it to him, ordered NO products, took an catalog which was expired, signed the papers and gave it back to him.

AT THAT POINT, I had made it perfectly clear to him that I could not do this without my daughter, and would get back to him. I talked to my daughter that night, and since she works in a hospital as an ICU nurse, the hospital policy is that there is to be NO selling of any kind, no catalogs to order from, etc., in the hospital, or you could lose your job. Makes sense to me. I CALLED and CALLED the presenter, he never returned my calls, because as I subsequently found out, he had put my application in, with no order, on Monday, Oct.

25th, 2010, so that apparently HE could make his money. I had asked him and ask him, and he had said, "No this won't start until November." Flat out lied. On another note, How many people have faxes in their homes?? I had Sat.

night, Sunday, and the order was due Monday...that is IF I had agreed to this. Yes, I did sign the paper, but I signed the paper that my INFORMATION was correct, after I signed it, in retrospect, he did check some things on there, and yes, I should have asked what he was checking. He MADE money on me, and I LOST money because Melaleuca took the money out of my account for the box of stuff they sent me. I paid to ship it back (unopened), they had the cancellation papers already, but still shipped it, and then took out more money for their shipping fees.

You have to mail/fax the cancellation to Idaho, but the package came from Virginia. I had to empty my bank account so that money was not continuosly taken out from them.

At least I wrote my name on this post, and do not call people rude names or act like they are idiots. You have no idea how your rants are just proving that the people who complain on here have some justification to their complaints.


I am a memeber if Melalueca, i only had one problem with the shipping and they took care of it with no questions asked. Sometimes we need to check our self. How was my attitude when i was talking to the representative, maybe the person that signed me up told me and i forgot the date etc....


Karen, are you talking about me? The "Deb" who wrote the post?

Please let me know, because I would like to report you to this site, and swear on my husband's grave, that I do not know you, never have known you, and don't care to ever know you. I didn't realize that my putting my real name on here, which most people don't, would lead to this. I also didn't realize that I was the only "Deb" in the entire world!!

I'll have to tell all the other "Deb"s in the world that they can't use that name's all mine. lol!!!


Deb used to be a friend of mine.... until she tried to get me to join her in complaining about several companies in an effort to get paid off in exchange for not filing court cases.

She said companies with "deep pockets" will pay you off rather than "waste time" dealing you. I don't choose to live my life like that!


I went to a meeting/presentation for Melaleuca this evening 12/22 and everything really seemed to be good. I know a few people that swear by the vitamins and fiber products. One of my girlfriends brothers made 904$ last month she told me. With that being said..

I must admit, after reading all these posts im a tad bit skeptical in regards to whether or not i'd like to get involved with Melaleuca. I work in customer service for a large corporate company now and i can say yes, we alll have our bad days. However that doesn't excuse being rude or nasty over the phone. Although it's one of the easiest fields to get into, it's definitely not for everyone.

As of right now i think i will remain a skeptic and wait to see how others of my friend and colleagues are doing with it before jumping into something i'm not 100% on. I appreciate all the opinions, and they certainly will help me out. :?


I guess people are just trying to help you Deb since this isn't a situation they have experienced or heard of someone else experience. I doubt if the company monitors websites like this one but I happened to receive a link to this page by someone who was researching the company for me because I recently signed up with them.

I am a little surprised at your experience, I got their number off their website and called quite a few times already to get information on product ingredients and switching out products that I have received. Each time they were very helpful.

I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with them, I know a couple people who used to be with Melaleuca who canceled and they didn't mention any problems, I hope others won't have the same experience as yours.

I suppose you would be happy if everyone who read your comment would just agree with you? Sorry but when you write "do not get invloved with them!" people who like the company would naturally feel inclined to comment since they DID get involved with them and haven't had any problems.


Deb, I am sorry that you are having trouble with the company! I am a customer, and a happy one, so I have obviously referred many of my friends, as the products have helped the health of my family in amazing ways!

But one of my friends joined for $1.00 as you did, then decided she didn't have the money that month to order, so we called together, prior to the 25th, which I make sure to let everyone know- she filled out the cancellation form and I personally faxed it in to the company- and there was no problem with her cancellation- and that was my first experience with a cancellation. Are you sure that they received your cancellation? Did you follow up to confirm the receipt?

I always make sure I am on the phone with anyone I have referred so I can be a witness and make sure they are treated with dignity and respect- everyone has bad days and I guess that includes some of these customer service people. I'm not making excuses, but it seems to me this is a problem with whom ever referred you to the store- maybe not explaining everything clearly?


If you have contacted the company in writing your account should not continue to be debited. Please contact your local bank and let them know about the trouble that you are having with this authorzation and cancelation.

I am sorry to here that you are having trouble with Melaleuca.

Have you tried calling the Coporate offfice the number is listed on the order form or the business development center which is also listed on the order form. I trust that they would be happy to take care of your needs and to assist you.

I have been a customer off and on for well over 20 years now. I believe that one of the things that most people do not understand is how the backup order works and why it is in place. This is something that if disclosed and discussed properly can be a benefit to the customer.

I do hope that your situation is resolved quickly.


The person should have told you that you have to order the same month you sign up. Also, you have to fax a cancellation form to the company by the 25th of the month you want to cancel.

The person that signed you up obviously did not do a good job. They are the ones to blame.


Yes, I did. It is quite ironic that after 2 negative posts on a site called "pissed off", which basically means you are not happy at all, there are 4 posts in 12 hours saying how wonderful this company is.

I like alot of products, but I don't go on the sites of people who aren't happy and rebute what they say.

Does the company monitor this site for negative comments? I plan to contact my states Attorney General's office and also the BBB and file a complaint, as maybe I did not make myself clear, but money is still being taken out of my account after I cancelled and they accepted obviously, since I have not heard from them since, and that is against the law!!!!


If you joined, did you receive any paperwork or copy of what you signed? Wnat did it say about cancelling or about refunds? I guess I'm asking if you followed the procedures you agreed to?

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