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In June 2010, I was invited to a Melaleuca products party. There was only 2 people there.

The person who invited me said the usual 'you don't have to buy anything just come over'. I was the only person that signed up. They were having a deal, you pay $1 for registration. I signed up for the registration but never ordered any products, I didn't even open an account on-line.

One month later, I received an email saying 'here is your order information Your Order Total: $62.72. I had not ordered anything!!! I called customer service, they told me they had sent me a 'back up order' because I had not gone on-line and ordered any products. The customer service representative told me I had signed an agreement stating this.

They kept apologizing and saying 'I'm sorry you didn't understand the agreement you signed'. I told them I want my money refunded and I will send back the products. They told me they orders back and I will not get my money refunded.

they sent me a bunch of stuff that I don't want and charged my account. They said my account will be charged every month and to cancel it I have to send in a letter with my signature and account details.

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Ok. the person who enrolled you didn't do their job properly.

That's all I can say. There are reasons for the backup order that should have been explained, but anytime before the end of the month you can cancel or suspend that order.

You can also create your own back up order that will suit your needs.

Mine is laundry stuff because that's what I usually run out of first, so I almost always need more.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who would love to help you understand the company better, but I would say, don't blame that on the company...blame the person who signed you up!


You have to confirm your enrollment via email to electronically "sign" your enrollment. If you did that then you should have understood what you signed up for.

If you didn't want the back up order, you could have suspended your account if you didn't want to order. You either did not pay attention to what was presented to you or you had a terrible enroller.

It is not right to bring the whole organization of Melaleuca down because of your bad experience. The company has been a godsend to my family, this would have never happened if I enrolled you.


It really bothers me that people who are looking for honest opinions about Melaleuca come across websites like this and assume that the "pissed customer" is right and Melaleuca is some terrible company. Do not believe everything you read.

There are far more positive comments about Melaleuca than negative, and the negative ones are based off of their own personal negligence. Know what you are getting into before you make an agreement. Use your brain, people. No one hides information from you, especially about the back up order.

When you are enrolled over the phone, the representative makes you tell them on recording your own understanding of the backup order.

So please don't tell me that you never heard of it because that is lunacy. :x


While I liked the products, I found I can buy what I need far less expensively at local stores. For example, dryer sheets.

Melaleuca price for 100- $5.69 for pefered customer, $8.00 for regular. Local Wal-mart: $4.37 for name brand, $2.26 for store brand. Dish Soap: Melaleuca, $ 5.50/3.79, Walmart $2.47/1.48. Plus, with shopping at local stores, I use coupons.

I have recently been able to get several tubes of Colgate toothpaste free since it was on sale for $1.00 and I had 50 cents off coupons, which wer doubled Thia is for the 6.4 ounce tube. The least expensive Melaleuca toothpaste (PC) is 1.99 for travel size (one ounce). I compared prices of about 12 products.

To buy at direct customer price from Melaleuca, I would pay $135.60, plus shipping and handling $146.00 total, at Pefered price, I would pay 101.20. Buying name brand at local store, I'd pay 54.70, store brand $35.54.


I appreciate this comment, however the comparison done was not apples to apples. Melaleuca products are free from harsh chemicals, are higher quality and "greener" than grocery store brands.

So in essence, comparisons should be done to the like.

Also, because the products are concentrated. When used as directed Per ounce products are very comparable to grocery store brands, but much higher quality


But you are buying chemicals which cause cancer and other diseases:(


This is a bad comparison. You need to compare Melaleuca Products to Products from a place like whole foods which actually use natural and organic ingredients in order to get a true comparison.

All the major brands that you can buy at walmart, target, kroger, etc. use cheap toxic and harsh chemicals which is why they can produce them so cheaply.


then you need to learn to read!! The contract I signed when I joined clearly stated that if you didn't get your order set up online you would be sent a "back up" order in order to keep your preferred customer status in tact. The customer service department is extremely helpful, just call them they will help you resolve this but you really need to be more informed when you sign something,


I never heard of this company till today(11-20-10) My daughter gave a few things,toothpaste,Herbal shampoo.and Renew dry skin lotion,is any of these products good or what,I read these reviews,and most are about selling which I have no intrest in just wanna know our thier products good quality????


I've been involved with MLM companies that sell soap, nutritional supplements, long distance phone service, you name it. All of them have a following of whiners who claim to have been scammed or ripped off, and many who claimed to try to quit when all they did was call the 1-800 number and scream at a phone rep.

Read the contracts. I am still a distributor and I never make someone sign an agreement without reading, I always tell them to take it home and go over it with a fine-toothed comb and know what they are getting and what is expected of them in return. It's just the way I do business. Nobody in my upline (in any business) has ever pressured me into signing without reading, in 20 years.

So some of these stories being posted here are just that, stories.

Melaleuca, Amway and many similar companies have some of the best products in the world. In my PERSONAL OPINION Amway/Quixtar's products are overprices and the only way you can benefit from buying them is by signing up everyone and their dog to be in your downline. Melaleuca's prices are reasonable, especially if you make the "35 point" commitment and get a 40% discount.

And if you need to quit, don't just wait until the last minute and then call screaming at the company. Send in your written notice and allow reasonable processing time.


I agree with JimInYakima and also know that you will not find comparable products in your local stores unless you're shopping in a green or an all-organic products store. Even in that instance, I do not believe you will find products priced as reasonable as with Melaleuca.

As already mentioned, the best consumer is an informed consumer which also means one who makes sure he/she reads the fine print and understands all the terms of a contract before he/she signs. Not being sarcastic - I understand how frustrating it can be when you want OUT of something or it doesn't seem to be what you thought it would be.

I do not think you'd ever go wrong with Melaleuca products. You're replacing products you use that are not eco-friendly with products that are not only eco-friendly but are also very high-quality products. My favorites are the facial toner & cleansers as well as the laundry detergents. As already mentioned, these products are CONCENTRATED - meaning - a little goes a long, long way. You won't get that out of CVS, Rite-Aid or other pharmacies.


There is SOOOO much mis-information out there about Melaleuca in this thread. Here is the fact that people are not revealing.

Melaleuca makes very different products that are much more concentrated, cost effective (when used as directed) and scientifically superior to anything else in the world at any price. Most of the products broken down to cost per use are cheaper than even the dollar store but even if they weren't it wouldn't be a fair comparison to compare them to what normal stores sell. It would be like comparing a Porsche to a Kia. If they both costs the same or even if the Kia was a bit more expensive, which would you rather have for yourself?

At the same time, (and this is where people REALLY miss it with their online complaints) Melaleuca has created an entirely new and different way to do business. Their exclusive business model legally commits them to not only providing you with their products but with your commissions and bonuses as well. In exchange for their commitment to always provide you with the worlds very best product line, you agree to always be purchasing a minimum amount each month.

How you purchase is entirely up to you. You can place a normal order or a series of orders in a month, OR you can choose to let them send you a back up order but however you do it, please try to understand that they are not being "dishonest", or "trying to take your money" as has been accused. They are simply honoring the contract to purchase that you agreed to.

Over 600,000 customers each month are happy Melaleuca customers. in fact less than half even pursue the business side of things at all, they just buy the very best products in the world and keep on stepping. If you stop and think about it, you never see a complaint about someone ordering and never getting it. You never see a complaint about someone being owed a commission check and not getting it either. They have paid out 2.9 Billion Dollars in commissions over the last 25 years to regular folks like you and me. Does that sound like a company trying to rip people off? You have to get a lot of people buying at $50 to $60 a month to justify paying out that kind of cash if you are simply trying to rip folks off.

Also, the back up order costs (and for many years has cost) $50.49 and then depending on where you live, you add shipping and tax. Since every store in America charges you tax, that shouldn't be an issue. Since anything you buy online from eBay to charges you shipping, that shouldn't be a huge factor either. After all, UPS is bringing it right to your door. You cant even order a pizza without a delivery charge so again, I think if everyone steps back and looks at it objectively, they will find the Melaleuca has the right to do business with their exclusive model as they have created it.

I will certainly admit that many times the person sharing Melaleuca with someone else hasn't got a good handle on it themselves and in those cases the new customers have a right to be upset that it wasn't explained t them properly, but in those cases the complaint is against the person who did a poor presentation, not against Melaleuca.

The other thing NO ONE wants to touch here is personal responsibility. In America, you are responsible for entering into a legal agreement. In most cases you can't just cancel a legal contract. You lease a home for a year at a time. You purchase a car with financing for 60 months (or however long). You can just call up the bank and say "I changed my mind and I want to cancel." You certainly cant do it thru an email either. Melaleuca is a risk free deal so even though you join for a full year, your purchasing commitment is only a month to month agreement and they very generously allow you to slide right out of it if you simply fax them or write them and say as much.

Notice I have not included any links or contact information as this post is not meant to be self serving at all. I feel for those who have had a true bad experience. With over 3000 employees, you are determined to have the occasional problem or mistake. No one is perfect 100% of the time. At the same time, the vast majority of online "complaints" are usually people not understanding that they signed a contract and Melaleuca was simply fulfilling it's legal obligation to do exactly what they entered into the agreement to do... provide you their products.

I hope that helps everyone a little bit.


I love Melalueca and I am a customer. When I heard the presentation I "listened" and when something wasn't clear I spoke up and asked for clarification.

I was told about the back up order, and when I signed up over the phone with corporate I was asked if I understood what the back up order was before the registration could be completed. Also you can cancel at anytime. With any agreement there is a condition to for the company to do their part and as the other half of the agreement you have a responsibility to do your part which includes the how to cancel. I don't plan on cancelling.

The products are outstanding and safe not only for the enviornment but for my children a well. None of their cleaning products are toxic like the ones you buy at store full of chemicals. Their cleaning products also work better at cleaning. Melaleuca also has vitamins you can't buy anywhere else because it has a pantend and they are superior products that abosorb into your body better than the other vitamins you get at health stores.

I do save money on my household goods because the products are concentrated ---all you do is add water! So simple-- not rocket science. I also save time and gas. I am not running around town looking for the least expensive brand name product and clipping coupons ...

that takes hours! I have a life.


Haha, These "reps" from Melaleuca are "Sales builders". Their main interest is to sign you on and make money for themselves. There were 3 levels of this pyramid scheme at the presentation I went to. All with the interest in me signing up- them getting a piece of the action. They were prepared with a person saying how wrinkled her husbands shirt was- and she was spraying their "REVIVE" on it to show how well it worked. The rep showed us copies of the huge checks she received at some point- driving that point that everyone could possibly make money on this. It was all so obviously orchestrated to pressure us to help our friend out. They were vultures- who had just sucked her in- and were working on us too.

You can't just take the Membership contract and read it- THEN put stuff on a list for your "reserve shipment" or sign a contract at a later date after examining it BEFORE you make the decision to join. They sit there and wait for you to do it- and you have to select 65 bucks worth of stuff- You are locked into this insanity at that point and they got you.

They say you can cancel but really are most people going to go right home and type a letter to cancel that quickly? Chances are you are going to get one or 2 shipments before you can react.It isn't easy to cancel- look at other complaints online about that.

You aren't able to look online at the prices and invited to do that before you attend one of these presentations. You can't go one there and check out the prices and think about them in comparison to what you actually spend a month at Walmart or Target.

I was so willing to help my friend out- if it was like Avon or Tupperware. If I wasn't locked into spending 65 bucks a month, plus tax, plus shipping/handling/fuelcharge and could pick what I really needed when I needed it.


Wow, either you were burned by one of "Those" companies or you just don't understand the concept of what Melaleuca stands for and how and why they do business. First of all, our mission statement places the customer first, and it is explicitly explained to us that quitting our full time job is NOT suggested until your income reaches 3 X what our current salary is.

So NO we are not all about the $$$. It's about teaching people how to switch stores buying cleaner and safer for your home products and saving money.

Second:The products that you order are the products you already buy at the store, no new money and nothing extra spent. The products themselves are greener and safer for your home and family and can not be compared to the cost and additives the store brands have in them.

Melaleuca products are 2x all the way up to 12x concentrated so you actually do get more for your money.

The overview and enrolling customers: Listen, listen, listen. If you have a good presenter they will explain everything in it's entirety, from cost of some products clear down to the ordering process and the back up order that most people associate with an "auto ship". Although it is automatically shipped, it is comprised of products the customer actually wants and needs because they have the option to pick the products in the back up. What this order is is actually an insurance policy in the event a customer who actually paid attention to what was being explained to them forgets to place their order or just did not have time.

It keeps their membership in good standing. Think of Sam's club, you cant shop their if your membership is expired, same goes for Melaleuca.

It happens, it has happened to me as a customer of 2 years now.

I'm sorry you are not in complete understanding of the concept but that's why we say it is your choice if you are interested, we don't hold a knife to our customers throat and make them enroll, as an Independent Marketing Executive myself, I always start out my overviews with, "I am not here to sell you anything, I am here to educate you on your options, the outcome is completely based on your understanding and what you take away from what I am about to show you".


They do make it so difficult to cancel your account. You have to send in written notice, including your name, address, account number, reasons for canceling your account, and a written signature.

Do NOT forget to sign it. It also has to be received by them, before the 25th or you still get your auto ship for that month and they charge your account.

Their products are good, most of them, as I only had a few I did not like. But there are so many companies now that have jumped on the Eco friendly band wagon that Melaleuca products are no longer comparable in pricing to those of retail.


Seems like no one is reading the email and just reading what they think she usual. she is only complaining about how difficult it was to CANCEL!

not complaining about rep or anything else. jeez...I kept reading the comments in hope of reading one that made sense and did not.


I used to sell Melaleuca. I REALLY love their products.

Unfortunately, I could not keep up with the monthly commitment of 35 points which usually came out to be between $70-$80/month with shipping and handling and tax. I was devistated when I had to cancel my membership (which I did pay $1 for as well in a special) BUT, there is a flip side to this story. In the economy the way it is, I am not working, I can't sell the products because people are not "risking" any spending and I just could not make my July order. I called them to cancel my membership and tell them not to send my July order and they would NOT work with me.

I was in tears on the phone with a supervisor begging and pleading with her because it would totally mess up our finances, rent, etc. She was cold and told me flat out she could not cancel without written notice (either faxed or mailed - no e-mails) and she could not cancel my order becuase there are too many orders to comb thru to cancel them. She told me I would have to send the order back for a refund. I did as she instructed, had to pay late fees on my rent and as of today, August 4, I still have not received my money back.

They received the package back from UPS on July 20. I'm done with tier companies. I don't care how healthy they are, how good they are. I will never "sell" anything for another company again.

This is the 3rd Wellness Tier company I have sold for and it is like any other one. If you can buy Melaleuca off of someone, do it.

The products are OUTSTANDING!!!! But don't sell them.


Im a customer of melaluca, and what you have stated above was exactly what i was told at the PRESENTATION...(NOT PARTY!) AND THATS WHY THERE WAS ONLY 2 PPL THERE....BC ITS NOT LIKE CANDLELIGHT,HOME INTERIOR MLM PARTIES. It sounds to me like you didn't bother to listen to the presentation either that or you're rep.

didn't explain it in detail. But when you sign up you do it over the phone with a melaleuca customer service agent, and they verify all your information, ask if you have any questions and explain all to you before you go through with the actual transaction. They specifically ask you if you would like to add a back up order. The whole deal is that to get the 40 percent off you have to be a preferred customer and that entails you buying products that you use anyway every month.

all theyre asking for is you to switch where you buy your products from. and why would you sign up for anything and not buy a thing. and you have to pay a membership when you sign up and its not $1. and you have to order stuff that day and get youre 35 points.

so your whole complaint doesnt make sense....sounds like your rep scammed you NOT melaleuca!! They charged you a dollar and they paid the rest....just to get you to sign up....they prolly expected you to buy stuff from there. B.c.

melaleuca customer service reps make sure you understand fully whats goin on and whats going to be charged to your card!!

Thankyou for you time and hope everything worked out..sorry you didnt have the wonderful experience that i did.


I have a question....what did you think you were signing up for....for $1.......and didn't you read what you sign before signing?

I guess if you got a new credit card and didnt read it too it would be the bank's fault.

Melaleuca is a great company and very ethical, sorry that you did't take the time to read the customer is easy to cancel and send the order back...this is the person that introduced you to Melaleuca and not the company's fault.

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