In June 2010, I was invited to a Melaleuca products party.There was only 2 people there.

The person who invited me said the usual 'you don't have to buy anything just come over'. I was the only person that signed up. They were having a deal, you pay $1 for registration. I signed up for the registration but never ordered any products, I didn't even open an account on-line.

One month later, I received an email saying 'here is your order information Your Order Total: $62.72. I had not ordered anything!!! I called customer service, they told me they had sent me a 'back up order' because I had not gone on-line and ordered any products. The customer service representative told me I had signed an agreement stating this.

They kept apologizing and saying 'I'm sorry you didn't understand the agreement you signed'. I told them I want my money refunded and I will send back the products. They told me they orders back and I will not get my money refunded.

they sent me a bunch of stuff that I don't want and charged my account.They said my account will be charged every month and to cancel it I have to send in a letter with my signature and account details.

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Statesboro, Georgia, United States #1220149

Ok.the person who enrolled you didn't do their job properly.

That's all I can say. There are reasons for the backup order that should have been explained, but anytime before the end of the month you can cancel or suspend that order.

You can also create your own back up order that will suit your needs.

Mine is laundry stuff because that's what I usually run out of first, so I almost always need more.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who would love to help you understand the company better, but I would say, don't blame that on the company...blame the person who signed you up!


You have to confirm your enrollment via email to electronically "sign" your enrollment.If you did that then you should have understood what you signed up for.

If you didn't want the back up order, you could have suspended your account if you didn't want to order. You either did not pay attention to what was presented to you or you had a terrible enroller.

It is not right to bring the whole organization of Melaleuca down because of your bad experience.The company has been a godsend to my family, this would have never happened if I enrolled you.

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #669742

It really bothers me that people who are looking for honest opinions about Melaleuca come across websites like this and assume that the "pissed customer" is right and Melaleuca is some terrible company.Do not believe everything you read.

There are far more positive comments about Melaleuca than negative, and the negative ones are based off of their own personal negligence. Know what you are getting into before you make an agreement. Use your brain, people. No one hides information from you, especially about the back up order.

When you are enrolled over the phone, the representative makes you tell them on recording your own understanding of the backup order.

So please don't tell me that you never heard of it because that is lunacy.:x


While I liked the products, I found I can buy what I need far less expensively at local stores.For example, dryer sheets.

Melaleuca price for 100- $5.69 for pefered customer, $8.00 for regular. Local Wal-mart: $4.37 for name brand, $2.26 for store brand. Dish Soap: Melaleuca, $ 5.50/3.79, Walmart $2.47/1.48. Plus, with shopping at local stores, I use coupons.

I have recently been able to get several tubes of Colgate toothpaste free since it was on sale for $1.00 and I had 50 cents off coupons, which wer doubled Thia is for the 6.4 ounce tube. The least expensive Melaleuca toothpaste (PC) is 1.99 for travel size (one ounce). I compared prices of about 12 products.

To buy at direct customer price from Melaleuca, I would pay $135.60, plus shipping and handling $146.00 total, at Pefered price, I would pay 101.20.Buying name brand at local store, I'd pay 54.70, store brand $35.54.

to former customer #844712

I appreciate this comment, however the comparison done was not apples to apples.Melaleuca products are free from harsh chemicals, are higher quality and "greener" than grocery store brands.

So in essence, comparisons should be done to the like.

Also, because the products are concentrated.When used as directed Per ounce products are very comparable to grocery store brands, but much higher quality

to former customer #953014

But you are buying chemicals which cause cancer and other diseases:(

to former customer Nashville, Tennessee, United States #954235

This is a bad comparison. You need to compare Melaleuca Products to Products from a place like whole foods which actually use natural and organic ingredients in order to get a true comparison.

All the major brands that you can buy at walmart, target, kroger, etc. use cheap toxic and harsh chemicals which is why they can produce them so cheaply.


then you need to learn to read!! The contract I signed when I joined clearly stated that if you didn't get your order set up online you would be sent a "back up" order in order to keep your preferred customer status in tact. The customer service department is extremely helpful, just call them they will help you resolve this but you really need to be more informed when you sign something,


I never heard of this company till today(11-20-10) My daughter gave a few things,toothpaste,Herbal shampoo.and Renew dry skin lotion,is any of these products good or what,I read these reviews,and most are about selling which I have no intrest in just wanna know our thier products good quality????


I've been involved with MLM companies that sell soap, nutritional supplements, long distance phone service, you name it.All of them have a following of whiners who claim to have been scammed or ripped off, and many who claimed to try to quit when all they did was call the 1-800 number and scream at a phone rep.

Read the contracts. I am still a distributor and I never make someone sign an agreement without reading, I always tell them to take it home and go over it with a fine-toothed comb and know what they are getting and what is expected of them in return. It's just the way I do business. Nobody in my upline (in any business) has ever pressured me into signing without reading, in 20 years.

So some of these stories being posted here are just that, stories.

Melaleuca, Amway and many similar companies have some of the best products in the world. In my PERSONAL OPINION Amway/Quixtar's products are overprices and the only way you can benefit from buying them is by signing up everyone and their dog to be in your downline. Melaleuca's prices are reasonable, especially if you make the "35 point" commitment and get a 40% discount.

And if you need to quit, don't just wait until the last minute and then call screaming at the company.Send in your written notice and allow reasonable processing time.

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