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I joined Melaluca after a friend talked to me about them.

In Janurary my credit card was stolen and I was dealing with issues regarding fraud on my bank account. I contacted Melaluca to explain the situation, using this link to put my benefits on hold for a month. This is the link that was given to me by customer service, as due to family issues, my package is in a box in a storage room. I filled out this link and submitted it thinking I was okay.

Turns out I was not.

They sent me a convince certificate and charged me for the order.

I called them and spoke with them with my rep on the line. They explained to me that I could use the certificate to pay for next months order. I was happy with that.

I went in to place next months order with the intent on using my certificate to cover that order. The explination I got was inncorrect. I could order EXTRA product with that order.

Again, I was not happy, but I delt with it and placed an order for some extra product.

Well my order comes and its not correct.

At this point, I want to suspend my benefits so I can take a couple months away to see if I really even want to continue to use them. So again, I follow the directions on the website.

And my benefits have not canceled.

I have been on the phone with the bank this morning. As far as they are concerned, this is fraud as I have followed the directions of the customer service person and the website to cancel and it has not been cancled.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Companies often tell their staff to just keep sending out the orders no matter what. If a company is reputable they will work with consumers.

If they just keep sending stuff out they are rip-offs. This company is a scam and any positive comments you read here are from persons making a living stealing from the friends and family.


If you have any problems cancelling your account here is the breakdown of management.

Lindsey Skinner - Call Center Manager: She has the ultimate say on backup order processing and canceling accounts.

Martin Casarriego - Daytime Manager: If you are calling before 5pm (Mountain Standard Time) He is the manager directly under Lindsey.

Jericho Cline - Nighttime Manager: If you are calling after 5pm (MST) Lindsey is gone for the day and he is the ultimate authority.

If you ask to speak to a supervisor, the associate will most likely transfer you to what is called a "Team Lead". Basically a secretary with no supervisor authority. Make sure you are speaking with a supervisor, because Team Leads will say they are supervisors.

Daytime Supervisors:

Ty Taylor (Spanish)

Marcia Acosta (Spanish)


Dan Toone

Jackie Maupin

Chris Hader

Susan Davis

Paige Cahoon

Nighttime Supervisors:


Michael Watkins

Quinn Hansen

Coby James

Thomas Jenkins

Phil Warnak

Derek Zaugg

Bradford Hunt

I'm not familiar with all of the nighttime supervisors, there are others I haven't listed.

If you would like to speak with Lindsey, Martin, or Jericho directly. Here is Melaleuca's internal operator number.


An associate will answer and ask how she can direct your call.

Simply ask for "Lindsey Skinner" and she will transfer you. If Lindsey is busy and doesn't pick up, you can leave a message.

For email, it is simply the supervisor or manager's first letter of their initial and last name

For example:

Lindsey Skinner's email is

Martin Casarriego's email is (If I spelled his name right)

Jericho Cline's email is

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