Manchester, New Hampshire

I tried to suspend my Melalueca account; followed the prompts and directions..and voila! a month later, more $$ taken from my account for products I do not want.

I called the customer service line and was told that the operator could not suspend or cancel my account over the phone because they needed a an electronic signature is more valid and credible than an actual human over the phone. And when they sent the latest email to terminate/suspend my account, there is no direct link to the specific site...I have to navigate their horrible site and still trying to figure out how to get their form to end this pain.....

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The form you fill out and the person signing you up, plus all of the literature states the information about the minimum points. I'm also a teacher, and know not everyone follows directions or listens well.

Go back through your membership pack--it's all over in it. This is a GREAT company that has addressed and fixed any complaint that they have had that they KNOW ABOUT,according to the Better Business Bureau. Talk to someone in the business dept--which can easily be found on their website.

Listen, I know 80 and 90 year olds who use their website. It's not that hard.


Cashtwins, I understand your point. However, I listened very carefully.

AT NO TIME did my rep say I HAD to purchase those points or an order would be placed for me. The reps, in my opinion, are evasive on what is expected of the client. I have no problem giving them a signature to cancel. However, they don't have the fax form on the website you can easily access without creating an account.

You have to enter your member info to be able to access the form. Then you have to answer two pages of *** questions. Finally, I'm glad you are happy with the products.

I am not. They are way too expensive and Tide blows the laundry detergent away.


I am a former customer of Melaleuca and stopped doing business with them in 2008. However, I just resigned up again because I actually liked their products and I want the discount.

The only reason I cancelled back then was because we couldn't afford it at the time. Two credit cards and car payment paid off in full later-I have rejoined again. ALL of this should have been explained to you. YES you have to write them a letter explaining you want to cancel.

That is for their OWN protection. TWO-YES you are still getting billed because it sounds as if you haven't closed the account properly-its your "backup order" going into effect. I'm sorry if this wasn't explained to you properly but I have also found that people don't tend to listen very well either. I'm not with melaleuca to "Sell" anything.

I strictly rejoined to get the products because I liked them.

They are the only ones that I have researched and offer good pre-natal vitamins. I never tried the vitamins the first time around but because I had used the products in the past-I didn't have a problem rejoining so I can get the good quality vitamins that I have been searching for.

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