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I have been a customer with Melaleuca for almost 3yrs now. I love the fact that the products are much safer than the competitors brands for my family.

My fiancé has COPD and my son has asthma. After about 6months of switching my household products out, neither one of them have to use a rescue inhaler! I've battled with acne all of my life and the problem is no more than a blemish every now again. Any other product on the market had so many chemicals in them that they made the problem worse.

My daughter with eczema rarely ever has flare ups now. My father in law's cholesterol levels have gone down. My joint pain has reduced immensely. My children no longer have formaldehyde derived ingredients causing them to have no more ear infections.

I referred 10 of my friends and family to shop at the company when I started. 1 of them canceled and had no problem what so ever doing it. I helped her do it. It took about 5 minutes.

I have not consistently worked the business over my 3 years, and yet I've still gotten a paycheck EVERY SINGLE MONTH since referring my friends. I am now building a business, and they teach us how to work efficiently for free! I don't have to pay to work. I've invested NO money what so ever.

When I purchased my Value pack, I purchased it to actually try out the store and get a better understanding of how much better the products are. I found myself keeping everything even though I thought I wouldn't like some of the products in it. The key is that no one at all will ever know how the products or business work unless they are shown properly and have actually tried the products themselves. Melaleuca constantly adds to their compensation plan and listens to all customer complaints (which are very few).

When they have a complaint, they fix the problem as soon as possible. I have friends that have returned products with no problem what so ever. I love the fact that the products are comparable in price to what our family was already buying, is cheaper than any other safer product that I've seen out there, and that they are SUPER concentrated so they last 6 times longer than other brands. I don't have to fight the crowds to get a couple of items at a regular store.

I do less impulse buying than before. I don't have to spend the time nor gas to go to the store. And shipping is not rated on weight so it's way cheaper than you would think because of how concentrated their products are. The only complaints I've gotten from anyone were ones that didn't try the products or found reviews from someone else that never tried the products.

Personally I won't take a review from someone that hasn't driven a car that I've researched or one from a children's toy that has no children. So I feel as though a review means nothing to me from a stranger unless they have used something themselves. I love the fact that it's NOT an MLM company or a get rich quick scheme and that even senators have endorsed that! No one sells any products so there are no multiple levels of distribution.

I love the fact that it's comparable to Costco and Sam's Club yet less money, no bulk, and no chemicals! I love the fact that they use only the best of science and nature (instead of going by hear say as to what's good for someone) and that they only use the safest ingredients that are scientifically proven to work! I love that they make their scientific research readily available to their customers! I love that most of their products are patented and PROVEN to do what they say they're going to do!

I love that they encourage us to speak with our doctors as to what's the best for our own health and allow us to print any labels off to take to the doctor. I love that they pay their customers to refer customers to their store to save money instead of putting pricy ads out there or putting the products in retail stores.

No one can mark up the price more that way. I love just about everything about this company!!!

Reason of review: All of these reasons and so much more! .

Melaleuca Pros: High quality product, Customer service, Product, Cleaning products, Products, Superior benefits.

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Finally someone with a proper point of view . Thank you .

I have been a customer for almost 3 years and me and my family love it .

Their supplement are second to none and we haven't been sick this whole past winter probably due to no bad chemicals in our house . And their Renew lotion got rid of my daughters eczema.Thank you Melalecua

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