Osborne, Kansas

We have shopped with Melaleuca for over 11 years now. They have given us over $1200 in freebie dollars for being a loyal customer. I have seen our family's health improve and keep finding more and more products to love.

I started the business side about 3.5 years ago and that has provided our family with a stable income every single month. I have helped many customers cancel if they needed to and it was never a difficult process. I wonder where all these bad testimonies have come from? I have never had anything but EXCELLENT service from Melaleuca. Once, I didn't think my customer was getting treated fairly on a mistake that had been made so I called back in and got it resolved immediately, no problem.

As to the issue of being charged without ordering anything...whoever introduced you to Melaleuca did NOT do a good job explaining our wonderful back up order system. My mom loves this when she goes on vacation. She has Rheumatoid arthritis and can't live without her supplements and Pain-a-Trate. She relies on that back up order to be sure she will still have her necessary items even though she is out of town!

I'm sorry to anyone who feels they have had a poor experience with Melaleuca. We have always had customer service that went above and beyond and couldn't be more pleased with the company

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

Reason of review: All of the above is excellent!.

Melaleuca Pros: Excellent in every way.

Melaleuca Cons: Shipping prices.

  • Excellent Service
  • Great Business
  • Best Health Products
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