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Even though it may be legal, I was deeply disapointed to read in Mother Jones that Melaluca gave one million dollars to the Romney Super Pac. I thought their focus was providing environmentally friendly products.

Those right wing folks do not support a green agenda.

Let's plow the profits into developing more products and not get involved in dead end political wind mill tilting. I hate see my buying power going to support a political agenda that is very distasteful to me.

If I see more donations like this one, I may be canceling my account. That is a shame because I like the products.

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First of all I am a Republican who happens to use Melaleuca and I think it is wonderful that they support such a wonderful man as Mitt Romney. You should be ashamed of yourself dragging politics into what is suppose to help your household.

Educate yourself and you will find that the Democrats are all full of it when it comes to green production.

Look exactly where their money goes and watch how they live and if you have any brains you will see that it's all smoke and mirrors. It's a farce designed to lure people like you in.


Frank Vandersloot gave his own money to support the candidate of his choice, something we are all welcome to do. It was not the Melaleuca company endorsing a candidate.


I'm joining Melaleuca BECAUSE of Mr Vandersloots support for Romney - and his refusal to be intimidated by Obamas goons.


As I have thought through this, something that has crossed my mind is that I don't know where the owner of Target gives their money, or the owner of my local grocery store, Jimmy John's, etc. I LOVE Melaleuca and everything the company stands for.

Melaleuca isn't supporting Romney, if Frank Vandersloot wants to, that's his business and because he happens to be a person of interest, we know more about him than we do the owners of all of the other businesses we frequent.

Make sense? Just something I've been pondering as I have tried to make sense of it all.


Wow! Really?!

I guess I'll buy even MORE Melaleuca now! Anything to get this Socialist out of the White House!


Just to set the record straight, Mela didnt give the Mony to Romney, the CEO Frank Vandersloot gave his personal money to Romney. They are good friends and its his money, I cant see any thing wrong with it.


If this is true I am so deeply disappointed. I too will have to reconsider my membership if this continues. Hope I don't have to because I love the products.