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If it is the case that all these people weren't mislead by reps then what is going on here? Why would so many people find themselves in a position that they feel betrayed and ripped off.

It seem that the 95% retention/ reorder rate might have something to do with it being difficult to cancel. You can't claim those figures if you have an auto reorder function built into a misleading contract/ sales pitch. Clearly Melaleuca needs to ensure that customers understand what it is they are getting into, the negative online presence of this company is causing millions in lost potential revenue.

Running a business clearly, honestly, and efficiently only works in favor of the bottom line and promotes positive online feedback. Not just from people selling the product to their friends but from actual satisfied clients.

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I was misled by the company. I just wanted to buy one time from them then they started forcing me to pay $60 a month and if I didn't need all that stuff they would send me things they decided I wanted.

Ugh, forget this company! Products weren't particularly satisfying and NOT all natural what a joke!


Of all of the customers in Melaleuca, the few compalints aren't "so many." They are a drop in the bucket, and as I read the info they present, many are not understanding the information. Some people are just born complainers.

They need to rip down a great thing to feel better. It's complete insecurity and self-wallowing.

This company will fix any issue that is brought before them to keep their name good. Spreading misinformation is simply juvenile.


I love this company, I have been a customer and a excutive marketing rep. Also.

I have signed up several people up with Melaleuca. I have had a couple of customers cancel because it wasn't for them or they felt they couldn't afford it. I helped my customers cancel there memberships without any problems. The Customer Service Team refunded them right away and even told my customers it the decided to re join with Melaleuca within 6 months there would be no charge to do that.

I tell all my customers if they decide to cancel, they need to my the 25 th of the month. If they need any help to call me. Once I sign up a customer I make it clear they can contact me at any time. I also tell them to go to the back up order and put the items they want in case they forget to order.

This way they get want they us instead of the Melaleuca standard back up order. The is not too many on line company's that do not charge shipping and handling. Even Walmart does, HSN, QVC, Best Buy, Kolhs. It you return your item a lot of company's charge a restocking fee and you are responsible for the cost to ship it back.

If you keep track of your normal shopping expense for one month at a grocery store and the next month compare it with Melaleuca products, your would see a big savings. I have compared almost every product and there is a big different what you pay to the grocery store for harmful toxic chemicals vs Melaleuca safer for you family and much cheaper. So the cost for the shipping isn't nothing. It you are not sure about this company just do what I did and try Melaleuca for one month, if you do not notice a big savings, cancel you membership before the 25 th of the month by hitting the tab (my account).

You will find the area to suspend and cancel your account form.

Fill it out and fax it to Melaleuca and ask them to follow up with you the next day to confirm your account has been cancel. If not give them a call at the customer service number, they are very helpful.

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