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Since June 5, 2012 I Have Been Trying To Cancel My Membership. It is Now June 19, 2012 And I Still Cannot Get Out of My Membership Because Of Some Glitch Or Another.

What A Sham!! FYI, I Have Placed 7 Phone Calls To This Company & 12 Emails (7 Today All Of Which I Forwarded Copies To The State Attorney Generals Offices of Missouri & Idaho. If You Have Joined Cancel Your Bank Account, Debit Card, Or Credit Card And Reopen Another Account This May Be Inconvenient But It Will Save You From Having Your Hard Earned Income From Being Stolen. Do Yourself A Favor.....Type A Letter Out Dispelling The Following Information: Date - Melaleuca's Address - Address It To Whom It May Concern: - Reason For Cancellation - Your Name - Address - Your Account - Email Address - Last 4 Digits of your Account Or Debit - And Include Your Wet Signature.

Forward to My Account@Melaleuca.com & CC Your State Attorney General's Office & Consumer_Protection@ag.idaho.gov. I wonder if this is the same Vandersloot family who has a member in prison for killing Natalie and the young woman in Mexico.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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You right Melaleuca is not right for you Melaleuca require person who first think about the enviroment, second about her family and about get free from a boss, if Robert kiosaky recommend these kind of bussines who are to criticize at least you learn who this business works do you try it? When you start a business you need been positive and not only you but everybody believe in magic sorry there is not such thing this is a business opportunity but you need work to make it happen.

I recommend know sol u mel incredible cleaner the bath and tub like it but the gold barbyou never itch again in your life.


Well, Melaleuca has provided me with safe products for 10 years, as a result, I have been able to be free of toxic chemicals. My grandson (1 year old) did not die from ingestion of Melapower on July 3, which by accident.

Another major factor, I don't have to depend on Disability nor the government for my livelihood. I am thankful everyday for this company and how it enhances so many lives. The person who wrote the statement regarding cancellation, that policy is clear on the application, it needs to be in writing by the 25th Day of any month, and can be faxed or mailed. The fax method will give you a confirmation and show the top part of the cancellation letter.

So the person who wrote his/her comments must be blind and couldn't read the documents. Too bad they will not be participating in the growth that is almost explosive in nature.

Perhaps they should have tried the Luminex or Unforgettables to have mental clarity.

I wonder how much one of our competitors is paying them to make these types of statements.


:sigh I wish people would explain how simple it is to cancel a membership. You write down your name, phone number, membership number, if you received it, address and a brief sentence stating you want to cancel.

Fax it in and it's done. Melaleuca may not be for you, but there is no need to blame the company for someone's negligence.


Cant believe the rubbish some folk write. On the business side its a very cheap way to try out having a business.

If Melaleuca was a scam why be so high profile? And as for cancelling its never been a problem to any of the people I know who wanted to stop ordering.

The only issue I ever had experience with was someone who cancelled late in the month and got their backup order delivered at the start of the following month. They returned it and got their refund.


Wow...some people just need something to complain about!!! Im with you Mike this company is great.


WOW, you poeople really need to do some research about what MLM is cause Melaleuca is no where close to that. Its called consumer direct marketing totally different from MLM and its easy.

Well, I guess if you just sit on the couch and do nothing and expect to get paid then its probably not easy. Melaleuca is the best thing too ever happen to this country and more should start just like. If people would just learn how it really works they would see but oh god I gotta spend 50 bucks by this date or I can't get a fax through and its a scam all of a sudden, please grow up. If your looking for something better good luck go back to corporate America and work hard while I spend time with my family paid for by Melaleuca just like they promised.

Oh, and you need to do some serious soul searching if you think Walmart products are like Melaleuca, haha, thats the best *** I heard all day good luck with that when your kid drinks it by accident. Well, I've said my peace for all you who doubt Melaleuca and Frank Vandersloot, I'll pray for you that one day you see the light


Hey Mike, if you're a representative for the company, you may want to work on attitude , grammar and above all spelling ... good heavens!


@Concerned Chris:

You received $500 for enrolling 4 customers. Thanks for answering all the questions as to why people like you (who resort to calling people names and don't care about their customers) are with this company and why most enrollers give no help whatsoever after they've signed you up.

You have your money and that's all you care about.

I hope it makes you sleep better at night. I bet you wouldn't go to a Third World Country to help them for free.


Guess what fool, the company is about to give me $500 for enrolling 4 customers. Could you get that kind if money from buying chemical leaden cleaning products at any given store?

Your problem is, whoever signed you up did not mention the backup order (which is meant to help you, really). They also didn't do a good job telling you about the residual income you can receive by telling your friends about the company!


Ummm... This is just ignorant.

Just fax in a cancellation form to them and you are cancelled. It's never been a problem for anyone I have ever known, although not many NORMAL people cancel their Melaleuca account. That's why 30k people a month join the company and they sell over $1b anually. There are no products on the market better.

You save money and get loads of other benefits that no other store will ever give you.

Melaleuca is a no brainer. On your comment about the Vandersloot family, you only wish you knew people as good and caring as the Vandersloots


This is why we can't do business with *** people folks


Its run by a member of a scam. Don't ever do business with a made up church.


You have problems. This isn't a pyrmid scheme it is just MLM you probably need to learn how they work before you go off at the mouth.


Sounds like you didn't do your reseach in the first place and you don't know how MLM works and you need some serious help.

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