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I want to apologize to all the people who have had a bad experience and then I want to apologize for of these tactics some of the Melaleuca supporters are using in this post. I like the products that Melaleuca sells (been a member for a year).

What makes me different from a lot of Melaleuca customers is that I too agree that some of the ways they go about presenting are a little shady.

But that’s why you have to read stuff for yourself. I believe they should use a little more honesty. I also think it is setup like MLM...but it works for many so what does that matter?

It can be a little difficult to cancel. It’s not just a phone call you actually do have to sign a letter (you write it yourself) and scan it in (you can take a pic with your phone).

Your enroller cannot do anything to stop you from canceling. They may make you feel bad about canceling and tell you about all the loyalty dollars you are missing out on.

But it is still your choice!! You will be able to see that there are 2 main types of comments when it comes to Melaleuca and very very few like mine. Either extremely negative where they say Melaleuca is a scam and the other type are the ones who defend Melaleuca and not admit that some of these things are true or even understand why some of the methods could make people uncomfortable.

Neither approach is correct.

Melaleuca is not a scam. But it does have flaws any company does. Many of the members get so defensive (and make it look worse than it is). But they get defensive because a company they love so much and has helped them is being so badly reviewed.

It’s natural they’d want to share their positive experiences.

I just wished they’d go about it the right way. So yes it’s a REAL COMPANY .

The products are AMAZING.

There are MANY FLAWS (but what company doesn’t have any). If this may work for you give it a try...if it doesn’t thanks for listening anyways and if you know someone it may work for let them know!

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