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They refuse to cancel my monthly order. I have tied twice they say they can't cancel by phone. They say I have to fill out a form. They did not e-mail me the so called "form."

Now they say they will snail mail me a from to fill out to cancel. Why can't it be done by phone? I will be contacting the BBB and the Attorney general.

I spoke to customer service twice. My opinion, they hope you just give up. I strongly advise against singing up for a automatic ship program. Also I feel the product is way over priced.

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I was a Melaleuca customer in the past. I got to where I couldn't afford the monthly products.

I had not problem canceling my membership and now I am coming back to them. I have more contacts now and I am going to make another go of it.

I lover their products and eventhough they are more expensive they are worth the price. The old saying goes, "You get what you pay for"!


Robbgotscamed, if you enrolled by phone, you would have been told very clearly to be sure and read the customer membership agreement, which would have come in your membership kit after you enrolled. When you enrolled by phone it was a verbal agreement and it was a recorded call, which is why you didn't have to sign a form at that time. But you would have been told to read the agreements.

Anyone who enrolls by paperwork or online does have the opportunity to read the full agreement before signing. It does indicate on the paperwork that to cancel it needs to be received by Mela by the 25th of the month and it needs to be in writing.

This problem of people saying they can't cancel is usually a reflection on the person that enrolled you, not on the company. The company does their best to ensure that every customer who enrolls has been given the complete information. I also tell my customers that I will help them cancel if they need to. I am sorry for your experience but it is definitely not a reflection on the company as a whole.

Have you ever attempted to call your enroller to ask for help? I have had a customer who enrolled and apparently wanted to cancel but didn't call me and ended up frustrated... I wish she would have called me because I would have been happy to help her.


Total scam!! Stay away!!

They want you to buy $80.00 per month of very expensive products-huge shipping costs and taxes. You will go broke!!

Then they want you to get people signed up like a true MLM!!! :cry :(


I signed nothing stating I had to cancel in writing. I signed up by phone no one said anything about having to cancel in writing!


Your comment makes no sense. I don't want the product! I want to cancel the standing order.

In summary, if it is such a great company they shouldn't make it so hard to cancel. I don't have to send a written notice to cancel any other service such as television.


I have been a happy Melaleuca customer and business builder for almost 3 years. It's quite simple to cancel and the form can be found on the Melaleuca website.

The reason they have the form is so they get the correct information in order to cancel your account. There may be more than one Jane Smith for example right? It's pretty easy to do.

If you need help contact your enroller he/she can help you. your enroller is the person who referred you and helped you set up your membership.


As it clearly states in your customer materials that you received when you signed up: there's a form that Melaleuca use to cancel memberships. From a legal perspective, they get everything in writing and cover their bases - a solid business practice!

Talk to the person who helped you become a preferred customer.

They'll have the form to help you cancel your account and they or you can fax it in. Done.


I know that you have to send in a written notification to cancel your order. I know they cannot do it by phone, but in all honesty you cannot get angry about that.

It's not different than you cannot go into a coffee shop get you coffee than pay for it tomorrow.

Some businesses have specific protocol for how they operate. If you aren't going to follow what they tell you, you cannot get angry at them for it.


Hi, I was a marketing executive for Melaleuca and still use and love their products. Just to answer your dilemma, I think if you just send them a letter in writing, that should qualify them to cancel your monthly order. Let me know how you make out