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I've been reading everyone's reviews and I have some questions. I'm being asked to open a household account but if a customer or rep could please clarify a few things first I'd appreciate it.

1. Do you have to sign up for membership to purchase the products? If so, is there a fee to become a member? I'm being told it's an online store but I don't get why I have to become a "member" to shop.

2. What is a backup order? Do they send you stuff you don't actually order?

3. I've seen mention about "points"? What are points?

Any straight forward information (not opinion, please) would really be appreciated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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1. Do you have to sign up for membership to purchase the products?

If so, is there a fee to become a member? I'm being told it's an online store but I don't get why I have to become a "member" to shop.
Answer: You are not forced to sign up but yes you need to be a member to buy the products. It is kinda like Sam's if your not a member you don't get to shop in the warehouse.

Now there is Melaleuca products on Amazon and Ebay problem with that is you don't know how long they have had it and they are triple the price of what it would cost if you are a preferred customer. There is many other benefits such as free products and shopping through 650 more stores that give up to 15% cash back I will name a few Best Buy, Target, Macy's, Dell, Home Depot and much more.. The lifetime membership fee is $29 and every year after that is $12 every year after. You have 4 months to get your membership money back and 60 days to try a product or your money back.

Now sometimes like this month it is $1 to be a preferred customer..
2. What is a backup order? Do they send you stuff you don't actually order?
Answer: Backup order is now called a select pack When you first become a Melaleuca customer you will have a select pack order in place now you can go and customize what you want anytime. What I did was ordered my first month and then once I figured what I liked I would customize my select pack to my liking so If I ever forgot to order by the end of that month cause I was busy or just forgot, the select pack would be sent out and It would be billed to my account almost like I placed my order that month.

If I place my order every month I would never have to worry about my select pack going out it would only go out if I forgot to order one month. having this in place protects your membership status and discounts and benefits..
3. I've seen mention about "points"?

What are points?
Answer: We are in 19 different countries so melaleuca uses a point system. Every product has points attached to it in the USA we have over 450 products which is 5,000 points.. So lets say someone from China buys renew lotion which is one of our best products for dry skin. So they buy the 8 oz bottle which is 7 points and when we buy it here in America it is 7 points someone in Canada buys it and it is 7 points so instead of figuring out all those currencies Melaleuca makes it easy and attaches points to each product..

If the product is a higher price then the points are higher.. When you become a customer you have the option of doing 75 points or 35 points everyone chooses the 35 points and what this means is your telling Melaleuca that you will purchase up to 35 product points < $50 to$60> or more per month and in turn Melaleuca will give you access to 650 stores that gives up to 15% cash back, Watch some videos to educate you on the manufacturer and the products, in turn they pay you and that is loyalty dollars that you can use to get free products! You are receiving wholesale prices instead of market prices if these was being sold in like your local store. You may find our products being sold at or Ebay but they are so much more expensive and probably not fresh..

Being a member is awesome been with them for close to 3 years and very happy and I know I get my products sent to my door and very fresh not sitting on some shelf getting old.

have more questions feel free to contact me.. Regards, Christopher

No you do not have to sign up to be a regular customer. Only to be a preferred customer and receive a 35 - 40 percent discount.

If you are a customer, you do not have to have a back up order.

Only preferred customers have a back up order which many don't use, because they need something and order it and that halts a back up order. Melaleuca is the most honest company I have ever looked into, with great products proven by scientific research.


please feel free to contact me at

I'll give you all the details, I'm with the company and I have a great team leader who is very knowledgable and has been in Melalueca for 20 years.


Don't do it! I didn't think it was worth the hassle.

And really? You can get Tea Tree oil from any health food store or Whole Foods. That's it. That's the "miracle oil' or whatever the *** they call it.

And frankly, I do most of my cleaning with vinegar and baking soda. I also use baking soda to brush my teeth and use baking soda and vinegar to wash my hair. You can make all of your own all natural health/beauty/cleaning products from fairly cheap ingredients. Throw in a little tea tree oil, feel the magic.

I also make my own laundry soap. All it takes is a little searching around on the internet.


I listened to the whole 30min overview of the company. They talk a lot about toxins...but no info about points, prices...or what i was wondering: How to make money!!!???


please feel free to contact me at

I'll give you all the details, I'm with the company and I have a great team leader who is very knowledgable and has been in Melalueca for 20 years.


Melaluca is similar to costco and other membership stores - only the $29 dollar fee is for a lifetime membership-

There is a 35 point minimum per month - by shopping regularly as you would at any other store you will reach your 35 point min... You can even invite others to shop under your account if you need help reaching this minimum- If you ever forget or do not place an order you will automatically be sent your back up order so you will not lose your membership - once you join you can go in and choose a back up,order of your choice...

Originally they will pick one item that covers your 35 points such as vitamins or such...

if you are interested in melaluca let me know and I can help... Hope this is helpful


I'm interested in signing up for this. Can you contact me


I used to order Melaluca but found I could not order 35 points each month. I have vitamins I like and they are less expensive then Melaluca's.

I also live my facial products and found that they are also less expensive. I ended up ordering way too many cleaning products and toothpaste!


Seeing this being commented on again let me get to the simple fact. If you truly want to know the honest answers to your questions, you should have someone give you the overview of the company and what it offers and all your questions will be answered.

If I can be of any help just email me at with your information and I will be happy to assist you with the overview and help you better understand this incredible company.


yes, you do sign up for a membership to be able to get the preferred membership prices, and it also gives you the oppportunity to earn an income while doing so too. The backup order is a preselected order that you choose in case you forgot to shop or you have an emergency where you cant order.

As a member, you need to purchase 35 product points per month. Every item as points attached to them becuase there made in the US, but every country buys in there own dollars. Ive been a member for 7 months now! i LOVE the money i make that is involved!

my last check was over $5700! :) ,) 8) :p



How do you actually make money from this?


It's fairly simple, but it's not a get rich quick scheme. Anyone who is coach-able can learn to do it.

I can show you how.


Shop for Melaleuca on E-bay. That way you do not have to sign up for a membership to receive the preferred prices.

The company forbids it as a way of marketing the product, but people have been doing it any way for years. The Renew lotion is the best that I have ever used for dry skin.


I am not sure what the policy is in America, but any marketing executive of Melaleuca is not allowed to sell any products on ebay as it is against the company rules.


It's the same here. The reason is that the company can not honor any 100% money back guaranty of any products sold on e-bay.

Also the products sold on e-bay could be outdated.

Not a good idea to chance it. It is the high quality and good guaranties that make this company so good and dependable.


The people who are selling on Ebay have gone against company policy so right there they have no scruples.. Also the prices charged are 3x's the club price!!

Who knows how old the products are? Outrageous rip off!!


Quite honestly, I don't understand why any one wouldn't be a preferred customer. I have been a customer for over 4 years.

I do WAY above my 35 points-about 75-85 per month because I use Melaleuca products instead of the grocery store or CVS and I get way better stuff. I personally think anyone who doesn't shop with Melaleuca is foolish. You get safer, better USA made products for a company that conducts itself morally. The stuff you buy from P and G and Dow has toxins in it, and those companies are constantly making the product cheaper and more toxic and in China using slave labor.

AND guess what? NONE of it goes back to American families. Every time you buy a Melaleuca product, you are helping 7!!!! families.

Its not a scam. Its a great company, with a 100 percent no questions asked money back guarantee. Whoever presented Mela to you is someone who most likely really cares about the environment, families, and this country. Believe me, they are doing you a favor.

IF you are not happy with corporate American, big Pharma, and companies like Monsanto be a Melaleuca customer.

YOUR buying power is your power of choice. Give your money to the good guys.


Melaleuca uses GMO's in their if you don't like Monsanto, be very aware of what ingredients are in your Melaleuca products....pretty much all of it contains GMO's.

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