Tampa, Florida

Lost $30+ on shipping BOTH WAYS for returning a value pack after I changed my mind a week into the scam. So I basically gave Melaluca a $30 donation and received nothing but a headache in return.


The advertise that if you are not satisfied you will get a flu refund yet i didn't even open the package and ended up losing $30+ dollars.

This is not the way a reputable company would run, then they said the had 48 hours to process my cancellation but a week and a half later hadn't and had put a $200 credit on my account instead of refunding my money as I had WRITTEN on my cancellation form they do. One told me they hadn't cancelled my account because they didn't know what to do with the return then another told me that since the cancellation didn't go through they had not returned my money.

Scam- run.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Really? I just signed up with the $29.99 Kit.

They keep pushing me to get my Value Pack or min order in.

I'm not liking what I am reading. TY.


You can cancel anytime you like. If you don't like it, cancel.


You don't have to order a value pack but YES you need to get your order in before July is over because that's the agreement you signed with Melaleuca. Hopefully your enroller explained everything to you about what you were signing and what you need to do each month to be a member. Melaleuca is AMAZING and you will love it just make sure that you have a GREAT person explaining things to you...GOOD LUCK!!


you paid UPS for 30 bucks not melaleuca, you signed up without understanding the benefits or melaleuca is not for you. only smart shoppers is for melaleuca


Did you receive a refund for your value pack?

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