Kingston, Ontario

We have been Melaleuca customers for years and we love the products: We are never without melagel or original shampoo - but we do not sell it or sign people up under us, we are(were) loyal customers. We like the products and made the financial commitment to purchase a total of $130/month of Melaleuca product that is required (for the 35minimum points purchase) to maintain preferred customer status.

We too had an automatic withdrawal from our bank account, even though the default method of payment is a credit card. There is no way for us to remove the bank account automatic withdrawal option in the "My Account Payment Options", as it isn't even listed as a method of payment. I assume this means it needs to be accessed and removed by customer service. We too had a back up order sent, even though we had already placed our monthly order in October 2014.

There has been no apology, all the customer service people are very faithful about not going "off-script", and the buck continues to get passed. We have been working on this issue since November 5th without resolution. We too placed an order this month to avoid another back up order mix-up. So, for over 3 weeks we have had more than $120 stolen from us, with no recourse.

If it had been a credit card it would be easier to dispute, but apparently banks are a little more restrained when their clients are robbed. I too will be requesting our bank to stop Melaleuca Corp from any further theft. We too are cancelling our Preferred Customer Benefits; Melaleuca has destroyed our Customer Loyalty because: 1)they caused unnecessary financial strain 2)they refuse to acknowledge their error 3)they have not given our money back 4)we have to call long distance from Canada (no toll free numbers for problem resolution) 5)they are placing a 50% return hold on the money owed to us...

Essentially, throughout this process, Melaleuca has made it clear to us that they do not care about their customers and conflict resolution does not exist. So, I would advise if you are a Melaleuca customer, do not give authorization for automatic withdrawals from your bank account - give credit card info instead, so you can avoid this from happening to you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Unauthorized Withdrawal of Funds from Bank Account.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Melaleuca Pros: Products.

Melaleuca Cons: Unauthorized bank charge, Unauthorized back up order shipped, Refusing to admit their error, Difficulty getting refund, Lack of customer service, Minimum monthly payments, Shipping charges.

  • returns and refunds
  • No Problem Resolution
  • Not Returning Overcharge Funds
  • Backup Order Shipped By Mistake
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You are to suspend your account before the 25th of every month to prevent the auto backup order. You forget then the company will activate the auto backup pack to protect your benefits. Your enroller should have inform you.


What a lying sack of ***! You are either a liar or retarded!

It starts with the lie that it costs you $135 per month to order 35 product points. Da! It costs on average $50 to $70 for 35 product points. if you don"t want to order or get the "back up order" suspend or cancel your membership!


Everything in this report is a lie. Who's paying you to slander a wonderful company that bends over backwards to make it's customers happy & therefore loyal for a lifetime?


Bullying a person for telling their story makes you an *** This is a site for people to air their problems and every single one that doesn't glorify Malaleuca has people defending the company's policies and products in a cult-like way. Luckily for you, since you are generating for Malaleuca, you don't have any problems.

What the *** are you trolling these pages for with your defense of the company? Do they pep talk you at their rallies to go online and tell everyone the same thing every troller here has to say in defense of this company? Products are the finest... blah blah blah.

You know, sure every customer better be preferred, you spend enough money. When you decide to stop purchasing from them, or if you find yourself in dire straits, and if you can't stop them from charging your bank account... then come on here and share your story. It's disgusting that people that want to tell about their personal experiences have to be ridiculed by others that have not had bad experiences.

Get off this site then. Go to the I heart Malaleuca page and share how wonderful it all is elsewhere... well you know this site is probably owned by Malaleuca, so there's that. The upset customer's bank account was charged and they are in financial trouble and the company would not help them...

and they have been customers for a long time...

so you just name call them. You aren't doing anything for the company with comments like that.


You are right,but delivery could use some kindness, instead of insulting the person who may have some questionable facts or motives. Melaleuca is indeed a wonderful company and customer service has always been awesome in my experience.


I was invited to a Wine and Wellness party. I had heard of Malaleuca from my sister who someone gave her some laundry and cleaning stuff.

She had given me some bathroom cleaner and I've had it forever... Sure, it's concentrated and lasts longer, well I have it still after years... the one bottle. I go to the party/presentation and sure there is wine to get me to relax and ready me to more easily make a decision that I might not usually make.

There was a team of people doing the presentation, not actually given by the person that invited me. They discussed their phenomenal success with selling, that they were basically millionaires off this stuff and how great the products are. It all seemed inviting up until the point where you have the choice to get other people to sign up so you, too, can make big bucks. Although they were waiving the $29 sign up fee and it would only be $1, then there's the minimum order every month, no mention of shipping costs.

I am a person that does not buy chemicals. I make my own cleaning products for minimal cost and I do not spend even $50 a month on any of the items that Malaleuca sells, nor do I want to start. I am basically a single mother living paycheck to paycheck. I do not know people that I would sign up and I certainly don't want to contribute money to these millionaires.

I have 2 credit cards that I've been paying down for years and do not make purchases with. Then I have my bank card, no way was I going to give that number away to be debited every month with a mandatory order. They said it's so easy to cancel, but I've read enough reviews online that tell me indeed it is not that easy. Basically they are asking me to spend at least $720 a year on products I don't usually buy (shipping not included).

Plus, obviously, I do not go through products like maybe others would, as I still have a 5 year old bottle of Malalueca bathroom cleaner. I can understand why you don't see many bad reviews on here, and to all those people that make a lot of money and work hard at doing that, good for you!!! But people that are living paycheck to paycheck and are not going to be recruiting others and just be a customer, it's not worth it. I choose superior products for my home and I know what's in them.

I am confident that my house is chemical free and I don't need spend over $700 a year to do that. On top of it, I got to sample some of the company's edibles and drinkables and left there feeling very ill. I read that there is aspartame and other harmful sweeteners in their products... doesn't sound like anything I could recommend.

I'm sure the truthers will come swooping down on me, but really come on. If it comes down to paying your bills or buying products you don't need, it's really a no-brainer. As for natural products and make up, I'll stick with a company like Lush, that makes their products from scratch and uses fair trade and stands up for human rights issues vs.

Mr. Vandersloot, owner of Malaleuca, who is the financial chair for Mitt Romney.

@So NOT doing this

Hay, it's not for you, wah wah!


This person has a problem reading and understanding the membership rules. The company is great and the products are the finest. I have no complaints with product quality.


Hello my name is Roland and I live and work in Las Vegas, and I too am a Melaleuca preferred customer. First of all I want to tell you that all billing cycles are based on a monthly cycle schedule, and not every 29, 30 or 31 days.

The purpose of the the back-up Order is for an auto-ship in the event you forget to place your order for the cycle month. Right now it is the month of December 2014, so we have up to December 30th at 11:59pm to place our Order(s) to accumulate 35 points. Heres what I speculate happened to you>...there was one month where you placed an Order ....but on that Order, you did not forfill your required 35 points, and as a result at the end of the cycle month the Melaleuca computer store figured you did not meet your 35 points requirement and used your auto-ship to meet your 35 points requirement. I could be wrong...?

but that is my speculation. Another thing I want to point out is that I was surprised that it takes you $135 of your money to purchase products totaling a value of 35 points. I went through the store on my website and tried to see if I could put on my shopping cart different products valued at a sub total of $120 without going OVER 35 points before tax and shipping. I don't know what your State tax rate is where you live....but I can tell you myself, for me I usually Order only 2 products which are the Fiber Wise and Attain GC chocolate shake for my diabetes, and my total which includes shipping and tax is just under $75, which meets my 35 points requirement as a preferred customer.

I don't know how you come up with spending $135 to meet your 35 points don't have to spend $135 to achieve 35 points. Furthermore, Melaleuca is the only Internet company that guarantees all products purchased UNCONDITIONALLY for up 60 days:) if your not happy for any reason just return the empty package(s) or container(s) for a full refund. If you want to cancel your Melaleuca account and/or get directions where to mail your empty products you are not happy with for a full refund - all you have to do is call this number if your in the United States 800 282-3000. I stand by Melaleuca, im sorry you have had this kind of experience.

Please forward a copy of this message to your up line representative who got you involved with our well Goodness store. I am confident they will agree with my message:) Respectfully, Roland Racilis


Hello my name is Roland and I too am a Melaleuca preffered customer. First of all I want to tell you that all billing cycles are based on a monthly cycle schedule, and not every 29, 30 or 31 days. The purpose of the the back-up order is


Hi Patricia,

I would very much like to learn more & hear from you. Please get in touch with me via Facebook

There are always ways and means to get your money back!

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