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I was coaxed into joining by a so called friend to help her out, but she never said that they would auto deduct from my credit card if i don't place orders every month. I was sent stuff that i didn't order by courier service to my house and my credit card deducted. I want to the office in Bangsar and met with their sales staff and cancelled my membership and returned the products and i also informed them that my credit card has been terminated by me. They promised to refund the money in 21 working. This was in march 2015 and its now may 18 and no refund in site . call the number given Melaleuca Malaysia 03-23304688 all you get is constant ringing. i intend to take this up with the media and also the Malaysian consumer board.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $302.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Melaleuca Cons: Deceptive misleading miserable, Deceptive misleading miserable.

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I had technical issues with the site and found it extremely difficult to make orders or create backup orders.

I cancelled but it took much longer than it should have. Due to my circumstances I was late placing an order, I had recently picked up my previous order and didn't think a month has passed.

I had numerous products I could not use and they automatically had shipped me more of those. I was not able to get to the PO to pick up the order and it was supposed to have gone back after 10 days. I returned items I 3 different shipments having to rush on lunch breaks and took off 3 times from work to go to my home PO and pick up packages. Eventually I found the package was still sitting there and I did not want to pay additional money for shipping the same items back (which I thought I had avoided with a call to Cs about being late placing my order and needing to return items).

I refused the package and returned it.

The company did not make any of this easy or convenient. I am glad to be finished with this and have no intentions of ever returning to Melaleuca. My money was never refunded.

They say they never received the returns. I was back and forth with Cs for a while thinking they were helping me and everything was going to be taken care of....

Then to be told I can't send a written request and have to use the site which wasn't working...only to find out weeks later after insisting they work with me that I could send them the written request by fax or email. It's always been something and there's not been any follow through with anything the company has stated it would do for me.

Never again.


Your friend may not have told you anything about the Monthly Product Point Requirement or about the Automatic Backup Order, but you still could have found that information for yourself by reading the back of your Customer Membership Agreement. To the left of your signature on that agreement, the following sentence is written in bold capital letters:


You should never sign any contract (I'm not just talking about Melaleuca, but ANY legally-binding document) if you are not happy with the Terms and Conditions. Assuming you took the time to carefully read and understand those Terms and Conditions, that is.


Perhaps you need a new friend.


I would suggest reporting your concerns on a federal level. Good luck ~KK

March 05 2015

In summary: I Ken Klocke (KK) believe Melaleuca Inc.

employs something I coined a (RBO™) “Recruiting Based Organization” And it is nothing short of an elaborate MLM/ racket – using a (RPS™) “Recruiting Points System” i.e., NoRecruitNoPay™ “Scheme, coupled with a (PPVS™) “Product Points Value Scheme” to offset the truth and transparency of being a MLM/pyramid scheme. “I believe it to be true, ‘as Melaleuca’s pyramid business model grows, widens, and expands exponentially – Supporting its earlier promises of residual income to (IMEs) recruits, business builders becomes less profitable, viable, and/or doable.

I believe Melaleuca, Inc. offsets these realities by “shifting funds via compensation plan changes”… essentially, and effectively robbing Peter to pay Paul!

Peter, being the little-guys and/or Masters, Seniors, Executives “Old-timer” businesses that have built multi million dollar annual business in many cases. Paul being the compliant recruiting huckster and or Shill, at the Apex, or a MLM/pyramid scheme leader/recruiter. Example “Alan Pariser, Corporate Director 7″ Recently receiving a $300,000.00 bonus check while at the same time other leaders checks are being molested due to “Compensation plan changes aka takeaways, breakaways” Rob, Peter to pay Paul… MLM/pyramid pay scheme.

It is my belief that Melaleuca Inc. recruits new blood… on income and retirement income promises they can’t sustain!

And they are knowingly selling a pipedream fraud. In other words “I believe with all my heart, if a pyramid analysis is done it will prove Melaleuca cannot sustain itself as it is long term. And that Recent changes did nothing more that – “Rob, Peter to pay Paul! Facts are facts!” Melaleuca, Inc.

has a history of breaking “Long term income promises and commitments.” Causing debilitating anxiety, pain and suffering,and misery, all in the name of being a champion of the little guy! Clue; Checks the facts… Frank VanderSloot, enactment of recruiting points back in 1999 Melaleuca, stripped his long term empire builders of what he promised them… being a secure retirement. All stripped away in the name of being “Champions of the little guys” The guy at the Top “Frank VanderSloot and a hand full of crony shill types can never lose. I pray a full Federal Investigation.

Frank VanderSloot says it best about MLMs “The guy at the top always wins and the guy on the bottom always loses.

Quote here. “Frank VanderSloot is an Idaho billionaire.”

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