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I am making attempts now to close my Melaleuca account, they make it so difficult. I sent a letter to the company, as requested, and today I received a phone call stating that everything was in order, however I had forgotten to add my written signature.

Now mind you it had all of my information, my account number, name, address, reasons for wanting to close my account, etc. Now she has not only written but also verbal consent to close my account, etc. I also sent off another written notice today, that I made copies of, with my written signature along with everything else required. I also made sure I sent an email to their corporate office(s) stating my action(s)/intention(s).

This company makes it so difficult to close down your account(s) once you get set up that I would NOT recommend it. I hate the auto ships. They make you set up auto ships that are deducted from your credit cards and/or checking accounts and it has to be a min of points, which retails for about $65 a month (give or take) not including shipping/taxes. Their products are not bad, actually some of them are good, but they are not comparable in pricing to products of the retail markets.

Also she stated once again if they do not received my written signature by the 25th, that I will still be charged for my auto ship for the month of August. It seems to me like a "Wellness Company" would not put so much stress on their consumers!

Wish me Luck, as today is the 14th of August it should get there long before the 25th, seeing as my first letter was sent on the 9th and they called on the 14th, to inform me I need to send another notice.

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I'm in the midst of trying with all my might to cancel my service. They make it a circus of clicking here there and everywhere.

Now I'm trying to download the cancellation notice I'm suppose to print and mail in with a signature.....only guess what???'s not downloading!!! I will write a letter and hope that is all it takes so I don't have to cancel my credit card and endure further hassle. Of course I haven't cancelled by the 25th so I either HAVE to order products or they will pick for me, neither of which I desire.

Wish me luck!!! :cry


I've been with Melaleuca 15 years and the trouble these people are having with cancelling their accounts is definitely an aberration. The person who enrolled you should have explained how it works.

Anybody enittled to receive a commission, and this includes many who are only customers, must buy product in the same month they earn the commission. So, if the company does not have enforceable rules, some people will not get the commissions they are enittled to. Further, you can just refuse the order without opening the box. It will be sent back to the company and your account will be credited.

A company in business for 25 years with close to $1B in sales is bound to have some issues; however, I have found this company to have more integrity than any other company I have ever dealt with. I hope you will reconsider because they really give you a great value, as well as health and financial benefits. Because of the proliferation of complaints against other networking companies.

too many people like to lump them all together. In reality, you hear virtually no negative news about Melaleuca like you do about so many other companies.


Good luck with canceling your contract with them. If you are really scared that they might charge your credit card- call the card company and have them close that account and give you another number.I had to do that. It took me months to deal with them too.

I find it funny you can update your credit card, submit your order online, set up and change your "reserve order" online- but you can't cancel your account online! And its not so clear or easy to find the info when you feel like cancelling. The supervisor said it was for "security" - HA- who would want to cancel my account but me? My credit card is on there- changing your credit card you can do online.. there is no reason you shouldn't be able to submit a cancellation online and print a confirmation of cancellation.

Look how many people report that they didn't get their order canceled because Melalueca didn't "receive their letter". You would think that they would have put your order on "hold" since they did get a letter that you wanted to cancel- but lacked a signature? - that's quite ridiculous. Obviously they know you want to get out and make it quite hard. I can't think of a company that operates this way.

I too- liked some of their products. It was hard and unfortunate to be signed into spending 65 bucks a month- plus add shipping, and tax.. that added about 20 bucks more.

Add into the fact that you paid a membership fee to get into all this too!

Good luck!

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