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I am making attempts now to close my Melaleuca account, they make it so difficult. I sent a letter to the company, as requested, and today I received a phone call stating that everything was in order, however I had forgotten to add my written signature.

Now mind you it had all of my information, my account number, name, address, reasons for wanting to close my account, etc. Now she has not only written but also verbal consent to close my account, etc. I also sent off another written notice today, that I made copies of, with my written signature along with everything else required. I also made sure I sent an email to their corporate office(s) stating my action(s)/intention(s).

This company makes it so difficult to close down your account(s) once you get set up that I would NOT recommend it. I hate the auto ships. They make you set up auto ships that are deducted from your credit cards and/or checking accounts and it has to be a min of points, which retails for about $65 a month (give or take) not including shipping/taxes. Their products are not bad, actually some of them are good, but they are not comparable in pricing to products of the retail markets.

Also she stated once again if they do not received my written signature by the 25th, that I will still be charged for my auto ship for the month of August. It seems to me like a "Wellness Company" would not put so much stress on their consumers!

Wish me Luck, as today is the 14th of August it should get there long before the 25th, seeing as my first letter was sent on the 9th and they called on the 14th, to inform me I need to send another notice.

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Son muy buenos los productos pero me siento presionado comprar mes tras mes mas aun *** esta crisis economica


:( I don t aunt any more




I am sorry to have to cancel this account but I can not buy anything from you because of my finceses at this time,


i wat cancel my acount............


I am very upset about to cancel my account #66157471 today May 18, 2011.However is necessary because I do not have enough money to still buy products. If you have any questions you can reach me at 7742408544.


:(no se porque hacen tan dificil el poder cancelar una cuenta esto esta muy mal


To those who are trying to cancel their Melaleuca accounts. First, contact the person who enrolled you, because they are responsible for helping you!

If you get no help from her/him, please read your enrollment form and follow the directions. You should not have any problem. Of course, if you call Melaleuca they will try to retain you as a customer. DUH!

Be firm and polite as you explain your position. I have been a customer since 2003 and love the products.

I hate paying the shipping costs and taxes, but unfortunately that's life. :zzz


I had not trouble cancelling my account, I followed the instructions from the young lady on the phone, faxed in the forms and just like that it was done. Strange that people are having issues cancelling


The people working on the phones for Melaleuca were all very polite and well spoken. However their website and policies in my opinion are designed to frustrate and delay your cancellation.

Repeatedly page after page I had to click for cancellation. When I finally found the form I had to print it then fill in the boxes with all my personal info and sign it. Next i tried to fax it to the number they provided, guess what? 6 attempts 12 calls combined it was not recieved.

I will call again and snail mail it certified.

I will be complaining to the person that introduced me and also speaking to all our mutual friends. If you aren't a customer yet take a look at the complaints before you make your decisions.


i'm trying to cancel with this company but its impossible to download the cancelation notice i don't now what to do they taking my money every 25 from my debit sending product that i do NOT WANTED i'm tired . :(


need a cancellation form asap! :( :cry :cry


It's funny that people complain about how they need to cancel their account when it's the SAME to cancel as it is to join. You signed or entered into an agreement with Melaleuca legally and to cancel that, they have to have something that overrides the agreement. It's that simple to understand.

Okay, so what you need to do to cancel your account is go to this website:

Once there, you'll enter your username and password. If you don't have those, then you can click the link under that, that says "If you don't have an online account, click here." You'll need your membership ID if you do it that way, which if you call 1-800-282-3000, any Melaleuca associate can help supply that for you.

After you're in, you'll be told how many Loyalty Shopping Dollars you have, if any. There will be two more yes or no questions like that, but if you want to cancel, then just keep clicking "Proceed to cancellation form."

After that, you'll download the form, print it off and then either fax or email it in (both addresses are on the form).

Make sure you get your cancellation form in by the 25th of the month or else you ARE responsible for an order for that month.

Voila! You should be cancelled within the next 24-48 hours (by fax, there's no certainty when you mail it). Fax is way more reliable, just FYI. Also, if you do not receive an email within the next 24-48 hours, call the company to see if they received your form. Sometimes people accidentally send them in, but they fax the wrong side of the paper to them. Melaleuca will not call you if you do this. If they receive a blank piece of paper, it is on YOU. They do not have time to call every person that this happens to because it happens an awful lot.

As a side note, if it's the cost you don't like, you can always have what's called an Authorized User on your account, which is pretty much just like sharing your account with someone. Call 1-800-282-3000 for more information on that, I think this post is already a book, haha!

Hope this helped!


Everything about canceling is disclosed in the Customer Agreement you signed. Canceling BEFORE the 25th of the month is also disclosed.

When you enrolled, the person who enrolled you had to FAX or MAIL in your enrollment form, even if it was done online. Be thankful that Melaleuca keeps a paper trail and are not operating without it.


It is unbelievable that melaleuca provides all the conveniences of singning up and ordering products on line; however, in order to cancel, you have to FAX or mail your form! Even the federal government accepts electronic transmission of documents yet melaleuca does NOT!!

We should be able to download the form, fill it in, SIGN it, and then SCAN it right back to them!! However, if you are pressed for time and don't want them sending you something you don't want, just edit your credit card by changing the expiration date!


Basically stress that you are in a hardship and cannot afford their most superior products. Make sure to include your vitals; account number, phone number, signed and printed name, and the date for your records.

I cancelled twice before due to going out of town and being in a harship where I could not afford to order their products anymore.

Keep in mind that if you don not order before they send your backup package, you can refuse the package. It will be returned to Mela and then credited to your account. Just in case you decide in the future to order their products again.

I don't see why anyone would want to order again if they are disgruntled, but simply what they told after the package was shipped. Anyhow, try the letter and remember the earlier you send it the better off you will be. :)


This is crazy! All of the comments regarding the difficulty in cancelling an account are so true!!!

That in itself is a turn off. If they believe in their products they should feel confident that they will continue to grow their business even if they make it easy for those who want to cancel!


I'm having the same problem with them now! Way too easy to sign up and almost impossible to cancel a membership with them!

Not to mention the "car salesman" pressure they put on me to stay signed up. Bad business!

Not the kind of company I want to work for or do business with. :(


I don't expect my new customers will want to cancel. However as a conscientious marketing executive with Melaleuca, before they sign, I always take time to show every new customer the section of the contract that shows how to cancel their account. I even read it to them aloud. It's about having good business practices and telling the truth.

Most Melaleuca cancellation complaints come down to people who are not informed about decisions they have made. The cancellation information is in normal sized print right beside the signature line. The contract you signed read something very similar to this:

"I may cancel this Agreement for any reason at any time by giving written notice to Melaleuca bearing my original signature, printed name, address and Customer number. Written cancellations received by Melaleuca on or before the 25th of the month will be effective the month received, written cancellations received by Melaleuca after the 25th of the month will be effective the following month. Cancellation notices must be mailed to: Melaleuca, Inc., 3910 S. Yellowstone Hwy, Idaho Falls 83402-6003."

Fax or Mail this document to get the service you agreed to when you signed the contract. Simple. Legal. Correct. There is nothing wrong or unethical about having cancellation policies and processes to govern how they work. If you cancel within the first 120 days of your contract, they even give you your $29 membership fee back.

I take the time to explain this carefully to all my customers. Perhaps your enroller did not, but you signed it. Again, the company did nothing wrong, illegal, or unethical.


DO NOT use Melaleuca - they are a joke. I did cancel my membership and that was fine, however calling to get my Membership Fee credited as promised within teh 1st 120 days is a joke.

basically after talking to two customer service (and I use that lightly) representives I was told I needed to return my Membership package - which they consider a product to get my return. After going over the terms of the back of the membership agreement and the fact it does no state that anywhere, I was told I should have gone on the website, under business center, then under 2 or 3 different tabs only to read the policy page 3 section 9 to see the memebership package is a product and needs to be returned for the return of your memebership fee. HONESTLY?! I read on line there were issues with this however I was assured if I did not like the Melaleuca products I would be able to cancel and get my memebership fee returned.

NO ONE mentioned (and I attended a session here in Franklin TN by the heads of the area Melaleuca) this fact. So basically you give then $29 -to be able to order *** you do not really like.

What a racket. STAY AWAY - Far far away.

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