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I am making attempts now to close my Melaleuca account, they make it so difficult. I sent a letter to the company, as requested, and today I received a phone call stating that everything was in order, however I had forgotten to add my written signature.

Now mind you it had all of my information, my account number, name, address, reasons for wanting to close my account, etc. Now she has not only written but also verbal consent to close my account, etc. I also sent off another written notice today, that I made copies of, with my written signature along with everything else required. I also made sure I sent an email to their corporate office(s) stating my action(s)/intention(s).

This company makes it so difficult to close down your account(s) once you get set up that I would NOT recommend it. I hate the auto ships. They make you set up auto ships that are deducted from your credit cards and/or checking accounts and it has to be a min of points, which retails for about $65 a month (give or take) not including shipping/taxes. Their products are not bad, actually some of them are good, but they are not comparable in pricing to products of the retail markets.

Also she stated once again if they do not received my written signature by the 25th, that I will still be charged for my auto ship for the month of August. It seems to me like a "Wellness Company" would not put so much stress on their consumers!

Wish me Luck, as today is the 14th of August it should get there long before the 25th, seeing as my first letter was sent on the 9th and they called on the 14th, to inform me I need to send another notice.

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I am not able to do a recurring order at this time, please cancell my account until further notice. Thanks Sonia Grant


disculpen la molestia pero ya no puedo seguir *** sus productos son muy buenos pero ya no puedo de ante mano se los agradezco, por su comprension mil gracias.


Hello is a mistake to think so you just have to fill out a form and send it, or a return equal to the one you signed up and dial the customer who wants to go live and so does not get the emergency order and may reactivate your account at any time in next 6 months, without paying membership and also can be reactivated and cancel this way many times as you like. luck


Hola es un error pensar asi solo hay que llenar una forma y enviarla, o una planilla igual a la que te inscribieron y marcar que quiere pasar a cliente directo y asi no le llega el pedido de emergencia, pudiendo reactivar la cuenta cuando quiera en los proximos 6 meses, sin tener que pagar membresia y ademas puede reactivarse y cancelar de esta forma tantas veces como quieras. Saludos


Am sorry to see that so many are having trouble canceling their accounts. I, myself had no problem.

I called Melaleuca customer service & told them of my intent to close my account. They were very helpful in giving me the information to do so.

I put my request in writting, includung my account number. I also signed & dated my request. Had no problem what-so-ever!!

It is harder to leave these tyoes of things than to start uo, but if you give the information they reguire, there is no problem.


sorry can't have melaluca for now but maybe in the future i will call back thank you


sorry but i can't have melaleuca for now but maybe in the future i will call back. :)


voy a cancelar mi cuenta, 7/20/2011, espero la cancelen.mi cuenta # es 661-775-9486


Gostaria de cancelar mas nao estou conseguindo no email que me passaram, por favor poderia enviar um email de cancelamento...


Like all the other people that wrote before me I also feel that I have been tricked into signing up for this company. They make it seem so easy and then when you want to cancel the account they make it so difficult that it seems almost impossible.

It looks that there is no other way but to hie a Lawyer so they stop taking money from my account I think that is illegal since I did all they require to cancel the account. If there is a Lawyer reading this that would like to help us.


ya no lo puedo estar comprando mas :(


qiero q me cancelen asi como me aceptaro de fasil porq por esta pajina es difisil o mentira de cancelar q triste :cry


el producto no me cayo suvi 12 lb y me marea :cry


quiero canselar la membresia.


my Acount No. is 30036488. Iwish to cancil this acount


quiero cancelar.


no mas


no lo kiero mas


no lo kiero mas


me siento frustrada por no poder cancelar la cuenta y me siguen enviando ordenes que no he hecho y cobrandolas de mi cuenta ya he avisado a la persona que me afilio y aun no me cancelan. :(

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