Hawthorne, New Jersey

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my LIFE! I have never experienced such hassle and stress over a company.

I felt like i was bullied into signing onto the company, and told the person i needed to talk to my husband before i committed, well in that day he had already charged my CC and sent in my form. When I asked to cancel he wouldn't let me so I did research on my own found a lot of negative reviews and got nervous, and rightfully so. I found the forms filled them out, faxed and certified mailed them over, I got an email saying my membership had been cancelled since i wasn't even a member for 3 days it says you can do so. Thinking everything was good a month and a half go by and I see a charge on my CC from this company i quickly dispute it and call the company, the kept saying they will look into it.

Finally i get an email saying that my order has been shipped, WHAT ORDERED I CANCELLED OVER A MONTH AGO. I call and spoke to a guy Matthew who was so helpful and told me what to do and figured out the issue, apparently someone had reopen my account (most likely the sales person who signed me up after i cancelled NO OK!) well they sent me a UPS shipping label and told me to ship it back once i receive it and redo the fax cancellation even though it was a hassle i did what i was told.

Well today they i get a call saying they received the package but i sill owe them 8$ for the original shipping i Told them no way am i paying that even though its only 8$ because it was their fault all this happens. Well see what happens form there but seeing these other reviews they are probably going to send it into collections ruining my good credit score AWESOME!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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NO ONE can REOPEN your account once you've cancelled it. THAT is against the LAW. So I find your whole story highly questionable.


Usually when things go wrong its not the COMPANY its the individual who signed you up...some people find it great to scam their way to the top but believe me they get caught eventually. Sorry that you had a horrible person introduce you to an amazing company.

I have been with Melaleuca since 2011 and they have never done anything to "harm" me but I have met a couple of "those people" I spoke about above and people like the person who enrolled you. :( Sorry about your experience and hopefully you are not the kind of person to take it out on ALL Melaleuca employees/customers/shoppers.

There are so many different and amazing ways this company can help people and I encourage everyone that is interested to contact me shellapalooza@hotmail.com I WILL NOT DO THINGS BEHIND YOUR BACK OR DISHONESTLY. Have a great day and God bless.


I have found over the years when I have a problem with a company 90 % of the time it is from miscommucation when things dont go the way we expect it is always so easy to blame the other guy and most would never take a look at how they handles the problem to see if maybe by some remote chance they forgot something. What many fail to realize we are not god we are capeable of error and when an error occures why do we always condemm the person or company who made the error or label the company as a scam. I have read all the fine print for melaleuca and find they are very through in explaining their program and what it takes to stay active, usually when something goes wrong we need to apply a little patience and common sense in getting the problem resolved


Complain to BBB! Here is the link http://www.bbb.org/boise/business-reviews/business-opportunity-companies/melaleuca-inc-in-idaho-falls-id-1000001768/customer-reviews/. It is a scamming company.


Melaleuca is a very honest company. The person that enrolled you apparently did not fully explain the membership.

The back up order is fully explained on the paperwork so perhaps you signed the form before reading it.

I have been with this company for over 2 decades and have found them to be very honest, helpful and fair.


They are NOT. It is a scamming company!


Companies that do 2 billion in sales, have repeat customer orders and millions of satisfied customers aren't SCAMMING anyone....just you! Stay away, we don't mind.

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