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I joined melaleuca to see what they can offer. They said its much more affordable.

But after a few months I decided to cancel my membership. I emailed them and waited not just 24 hours but 3 days to make sure they received it. On the 3rd day I called their customer service and ask if they received my email of cancellation. They said they havent.

Its frustrating and stressful. I emailed them again to make sure they received my cancellation letter and going to fax them today.

I felt they dont process the cancellation of membership ASAP. I will make sure to follow up with them everyday, and cancel my credit card to make sure they wont charge me again with products.

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you must mail your cancellation. It took a friend not even a week to cancel.


Just go ahead now and cancel your card out and get a new one, etc. instead of waiting for them to respond to your email.

They probably will not. Don't you have anything better to do than contact these scammers??

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