Bellevue, Washington

I have called the company and they told me to get a form and send it in and they would stop shipments till I told them to resume. I could not find a form to fill out and send in.

why din't they put one in their web add? I think all of the product is way over priced. The protein drink is not any thing I want to use and the protine bars have a bad aftertaste. I was not happy with any of the consumable products.

I would not reccomend the company to anyone.

I want to get out of it and stop the $60.00 plus a month payments. Even though I have returned the last 3 packages I recieved they have continued to bill me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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As an x-marketer for Mela I can say wonderful things about the product's. Shoot Mela saved my infants life & helped in many ways.

I always questioned though (as someone who has also worked Costco, Walgreens and Gm of Restaurant) HOW DO THEY AFFORD TO DO THIS?

I seriously started thinking about it when a close person brought it my attention. The first month balled out bought & starter bizz kit and all and enrolled 20 just by the natural me that I am. Yet, I was told top reach out to anyone and everyone & see who I can help next.

Very happy with paycheck.

They say "its not scam/ pyramid" but again & again how can Mela do all this. My contact list was LARGE & I gained bizz partners who had Large contacts lists as well.

I spoke to a old bizz partner who knew I had been hacked & was urgently pulling me aside to tell me upsetting news. She told me that ALL of her Contacts had been getting hacked, spammed & some catching identity theft!

She said if she knew how to find me I would been notified sooner.

I replied " I *** NEW IT!! "

I myself am now a victim of identity theft, 80k in the hole and all & any taken from me like nothing! 180 of my friends and family same we just all experience it at differn't levels. Myself, Husband and 2 young children all are victims.

I pulled up some old emails and did a security check on where my info was going (orders, calls and alarm system) & what do you know! All INSURE & NOT gone where I thought. Mela.... want to tell me about how you are able to afford all you do for Idaho Falls, Idaho?

The Top state in the USA Known for largest hacks, spams, spoofs & identity theft?

Cause I would PUT a million on it that your answer is "Let me Get my Lawyer" well...that's if my bank didn't robbed I'd have money to bet. I guess my lawyer will negotiate that in time.


Dude. Your spelling and grammar only show what kind of *** you are.

Do you proof-read any of your sentences?

seriously, I would not post a complaint about a company if I did not know how to spell; received, Didn't, recommend, web ad, :(


This is absolutely NOT TRUE about canceling a Melaleuca account. It is stated on the paperwork that you sign to open an account or on the website, how to cancel an account.

If you are unaware of the information needed to cancel an account, you can ALWAYS call Melaleuca and they will show you where to find the form on the website. However, if you just send or fax in a letter stating your name, customer number, address and phone number before the 25th of any month, your account will be canceled by the company.

I've known of customers who have closed their account without any problems.


i love the product but i am unemployeed right now. thank you.


i have become unemployeed & can`t remain a preferred customer. however i will try to continue to us ur product. thank you.


Send them a hand written letter saying you want to cancel.Make sure you get it in before the 25th. That's what someone I know had to do.


I’m happy to help you with your concerns. I’m sorry to hear that you want to change your status with us. I would like to explain the value of continuing with your preferred customer membership with Melaleuca.

Being a Melaleuca preferred customer means that you are guaranteed that you are receiving high quality products at lower prices than grocery store brands. Click Here for price comparisons on popular products. Melaleuca preferred customers receive a 30-40 percent discount off the regular customer price just for your loyalty with our company. Where else will you get $100 in free product with your new membership and then continue to earn shopping dollars to use on products just for shopping with us each month?

At Melaleuca we have first-class products and technology that you can’t find anywhere else. By staying a preferred customer, you have access to the Renew products and Oligo technology that thousands of customers have used and felt improvement in their lives by using these products. Our Melaleuca Ecosense cleaning line will give you peace of mind knowing that you aren’t bringing harsh chemicals into your home and around your family, but safe products that are still giving the same power of cleaning that you depend on. As a preferred customer you also receive extra services that go above and beyond what any grocery store can give. We offer our Marketplace online where you can receive discounts and rebates when you shop with popular stores. We have discounts on cellphones and cellphone service, home security, healthcare, and Life Lock that can protect you and your family from identity theft.

Many preferred customers choose to build their own Melaleuca business. Just by telling their friends about the wonderful products they use every day in their own home, they are able to earn a secondary income that has allowed some of our members to actually become debt free! We have a website for customers already in place and fantastic trainings and materials so that customers can become business builders without any risk or hassle. We have a Business Development team prepared to answer questions Monday through Friday from 6am-6pm MST so that any concerns you or your customers have can get answered quickly.

At Melaleuca we truly value our customers and understand that they should always receive world class customer service. We stand behind our products and believe that our preferred customer program can benefit everyone.

If you find these benefits do not exceed your needs and you still wish to suspend your preferred membership, you may download a Suspend Preferred Benefits Form online by going to

If there is anything else I can do for you, please email me at

Thank you,

Elisa Lopez

Melaleuca Customer Care


They told away for me to cancel without printing it out I tried that and it didn't do nothing so can I send it this way to cancel my membership with with this my ID number is 887 42 415


If you say they don't have protein bars you must not be a member. Because YES they do have protein bars and shakes


First of all melaleuca does not have protein bars. Shopped with Melaleuca for 8 yrs and we would have nothing else in our home.

You don't need a form, write your name and phone number on a piece of paper and state you would like to cancel your membership, fax er in.....done deal. Not sure why you are on here making stuff up.


no tengontrabajo para seguir encargando melaluca


Fax in your cancellation form by the 23 of the month and they willnot charge you. If you cannot find the form call again and find out where it is or how to get it. Stop blaming others for your laziness.

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