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My wife signed up with Melaleuca through a friend, and our story is very much like the other one-star reviews here: they shipped the vitamin pack every month like clockwork, and charged the credit card without any input from us. She liked the product, so we kept on with the company even though the product was arriving faster than she could use it.

Then the problems started. She ordered a couple of extra products to try out, and those started arriving every month, too, even though she was just ordering once to try them out. Now we have three boxes of product here, enough to last for months.

That's when we decided to cancel. Do you think that you can just cancel on-line? Forget it. Can you call in and cancel? Forget it. You have to call in, then they e-mail you a link to the cancellation form, which you have to fill out and sign, then scan, then e-mail the scanned form back to them. Of course (predictably) they never get around to e-mailing the link, so you can never cancel.

My wife also wanted to return the products that she hadn't ordered but which they shipped anyway. Again, they e-mail a return document which you have to print out and put on the package, for which you pay the postage. And, again, the promised return document hasn't been e-mailed to us.

Customer service is very friendly, and representatives even speak Spanish (my wife's native language), which is wonderful. But they don't do anything more than just assure you that they're doing everything they can, and they're sorry for the inconvenience. Oh, and take orders for more products. They're very efficient at doing that. They're just not authorized to give refunds or cancel memberships.

I ended up cancelling my wife's credit card and the bank is sending us a new one. That seems like the only way to get away from Melaleuca.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I have to agree with you about cancelling. I’m in the process of doing that right now.

I’m a bit annoyed with their process which I find as a bad business practice. Most reputable online businesses will provide you with a very easy avenue to cancel. Not these people. Melaleuca does not want you to cancel as evidenced by the many steps you have to take to get the infamous form.

The checklist you have to agree to makes it seem like you are going to lose your life for canceling. If I am unsuccessful in getting rid of this company, I have a very good lawyer that is more than willing to help me out.


I have a family member who wants me to go attend one of the meetings and then to decide to join or not to join. I'm doing my research and finding that hundreds of people have lost a large amount of money from this company.

They take your money and don't give ship anything to you, after you request to cancel. I know now that I'm not willing to waste my time or money with this company.

Thank you all for your complaints. They are very consistent with the complaints on other websites.

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