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hello my name is Silvia Macias custumber number is 66948428 i wanto canceld my acount pliss asoon as posible tank u i donot have any job plis donot go to my bank acount i donot want melaleuca we had a good service but i just donot want your sell anymore maybe with the time i will call you back for your service my acont will not be avail to work anymore donot sed me more stuff i return some of your product already and pliss cancel my acount and net time i will get conected with you but like a told you

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I spoke with one of your resp to cancel my account for couple. Of month cause i am not work. Aug 31 i was told to see this information but it was not done cause i am in the hospital...last name is chave address milne st bpt ct


Saludos lamento informarles que no podre continuar *** la cuenta,necesito por favor que cancelen la cuenta ya que no puedo comprar los productos por falta de dinero.

Por favor necesito sabr en cuanto este la cancelacio envienmen un email.

Gracias por su attencion!!


I would like to cancel my account due to family emergency. I'm going back to the Philippines.


3736fm482 lot233newbraunfelstx 78132 telefono3234022843 elmotibo Que embiamos este correct espara informarles que mi esposa y yo de emos de sidido serar la cuenta por elmotibo que los productos senos hacenpequellos muchasgraciasporabrirnoslaspuertas espero que puedaserar lacuenta ATENTAMENTE ELVIS A QUINTEROS Y CLAUDIACORTEZ gracias :eek :roll 8) ;)


bonjour mon nom est zeliha kuruova mon tel 514 3293236. je veux annuler mon conte avec melaleuca .merci


Nous désirons annuler notre adhésion notre # est 69009759 le plus tôt possible.

Bonne chance à tous....


Lmao why didnt u ask for help in english??


Please be nice. She obviously has a hard time with writing English and didn't understand that this is not Melaleuca's page.

She did not make any derogatory remarks about them or their products. Have a little compassion.

China_212, you need to FAX or mail a cancellation to Melaleuca. Call the representative who signed you up and ask them to help you.


Wow...and is simple said it all.

I don't want to be mean, but are you serious?


I have helped the few and far between that need to cancel.....get yourself a crayon and write you name, phone number and a short reason for cancelling send it fax, and your out, no questions asked


why do people post on sites that arent verified Judging by your spelling id say you do not have the intellect to cancel properly, yet you have the nerve to post a derogatory remark about one of the greatest companies in the world


...I can see why you don't have a job, as you appear to be an illiterate ***. Good luck with that.


wow. haha.


Is this a joke? This is not Melaleuca's page, you might want to go to Melaleuca's real customer page to cancel.

And it looks like someone just posted how to cancel on here. (might want to work on your spelling, too.

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