Carrollton, Texas

they have a very bad way of cancel account u can only cancel via mail or fax by the 25th of the month i only had a month and try to cancel before the 25th they said they didnt get it in time so they charge my bank account i had to cancel my bank account reopen a new bank account and they repoet them to BBB and then finally got some answers and was able to cancel my account by fax. so much trouble for a simple thing never again will i be trick into this company. I hate melaleuca.

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Dear can or can't. There is a law!!

..that's why they require a signature. Some people make thousands of dollars a month based on their monthly memebership. If someone could just call and cancel they could jeapordize someone elses livelihood.

I actually respect the fact that they are concerned for your personal safety that they require that extra step. Kinda reminds me of my BANK.


Dear Charles......WELL SAID!!


Cual producto no te hizo bien. Melaleuca tiene mas de 350 productos.

Dejas de comprar en Walmart porque no te gusto UN producto. Y si no tienes dinero, mas todavia necesitas Melaleuca. Yo he referido 10 clientes y ahora yo no pago por mi productos.

Son GRATIS!! Vitaminas, Comida, Limpieza todo gratis!!


I love hearing the self created problems with Melaleuca, and the ignorance of the consumer.

To Cancel: send in fax or mail by 25th of month - this is required to get an actual signature. If it is after the 25th, and you receive your monthly order, send it back for a full refund. I know several people who didnlt give Melaleuca a chance, and cancelled at the end of the month. Whe they got their monthly order, they sent it back and got the full refund. Read the literature people, it isn't rocket science.

$65 per month: I have a family of three (3) and we buy over $200 a month on items like bathroom products, laundry products, vitamins, skin care & makeup. They have over 360 products even including protein shakes, crackers, popcorn and sports drinks. If you took a moment and added your grocery list every month you would easily exceed $65 on these types of products, unless you don't clean yourself, your teeth, your house or your clothes.

Health: My parents are in their 60's and have been customers for 16 years. At christmas, they sat around the table and discussed health with their siblings, which my parents are the oldest. The list of ailments was shocking, until it got to my parents who are completely healthy with NO ailments, thanks to this company.

Satisfaction: The company is for those who want a healthier lifestyle. If you don't, then quit and disappear into the mist. Don't be a sad, misery-loves company AH and knock a company that has kept my parents in their late 60's, and my family, in excellent health with no medications.


solo kiero cancelar mi membresia porque no me hiso bien el producto y no tengo dinero :roll


This company is a big time rip off, you can even close out your account even when you call or send in a letter of concealation to them. There should be a law.