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Expensive Product Review

yes Melaleuca is expensive, but i have noticed positive changes in my health since using their products. *** happens to everyone and Melaleuca is not the culprit. all you people need to suck it up and realize any company with millions of customers will have screw ups, ya'll never should have joined if you can't accept what happens in the real world!
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I was trying to decide whether or not I would join Melaleuca. Before doing so I wanted to find out the possible risks of doing so by seeing what others have been through with this company. I understand every company has it's issues and that different circumstances...
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Why is the heading on this post "Review about Racial Comments in Walnut Creek, California"? The post mentions nothing about racial comments! This leads me to believe that the...


I have had nothing but great experiences from all the people in Melaleuca, very nice courteous people who are there to help and do a great job.

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