Harwich, Massachusetts

Have been a long time customer and user of Melaleuca products. However, I began to notice the addition of sucralose and acesulfame potassium as ingredients in food products.

I was very surprised and quite disappointed as there is a lot of negative information regarding these artificial sweeteners. Theses artificial sweeteners are in kid food products too. I will never use any product from any company that uses artificial sweeteners. Melaleuca touts itself as a premier wellness company and therefore needs to eliminate theses ingredients.

Also, disappointed that aluminum is used in Melaleuca antiperspirants. Not good as aluminum is toxic. Also, always wonder why Melaleuca does not have full disclosure on ingredients in all of products. In the marketplace today, companies like Melaleuca must have the best ingredients possible.

There is widespread competition today, much more than just a few years ago. Melaleuca may get customers enrolled but as these customers become educated on safer products and then see that Melaleuca uses several questionable unsafe ingredients in products these customers will absolutely get pissed off!! And will cancel enrollment. I believe this use of questionable ingredients is a major reason Melaleuca's customer base drops by 5% each month.

In conclusion, Melaleuca, just Buck Up and use really good safe ingredients all across the board and revenues will grow even at a higher rate than they have since inception in 1985. Back to the sucralose for a final thought...

Ask your current customers to research sucralose and then ask them if they want it as an ingredient in your products. I bet doughnuts to dollars the answer will be NO!!

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I did a research project when I was in College in the UK for my Degree on Sucralose, it is a very safe sweetener and it is highly researched ......it's a shame that the internet provides the "uneducated consumer" with so much information without them knowing how to evaluate it....next thing we will all be "Doctors" prescribing medication without a Medical Degree......as for the connection of Aluminum with Cancer, the studies were found to be flawed and difficult to prove as 1 in 8 women will develop Breast Cancer anyway in their lifetime.You are better off eliminating alcohol and exercising..... So before you post nonsense go and get educated.......


Actually, she is correct. My pharmacist's states it is unsafe.

So, you may want to research it again before you criticize someone else. Additionally, my doctor told me not to consume it either.


You are so right