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They make it sound like u can just order stuff whenever you like but you are actually being locked in and are obligated to buy over $100 worth of stuff a month. If you do not place an order they will send you random stuff and charge you for it.

Biggest scam out and not only that, its not non toxic like they claim. I bought the kids pack and was told there was a sunscreen in it and there was no sunscreen.

I also compared the list of ingredients on the back of the shampoo to the one I have always used and the Melaleuca shampoo had just as many, if not more, chemical ingredients in it so there claim that its all non toxic and natural ingredients is a load of ***! The sales people are really rude and as well and a bunch of liars!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Shampoo.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Melaleuca Cons: Deceptive misleading miserable, Misleading sales pitch.

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Your complaint is with the person that did the presentation. There is and never was an agreement to make customers spend over $100.00 a month so that is one big FAT LIE.

If you listened at all to the presentation , the monthly order is 35 points which equals about $52.00 You probably spend more a week on Dunkin donuts iced coffee. You also didn't listen to the benefits of having a preferred customer membership. Melaleuca doesn't have to look into this at all. You need to find someone that will tell you the membership benefits and not try and SHOVE THE BUSINESSS DOWN YOUR THROAT.

Then maybe you'll listen. I don't know what "SALES PEOPLE" you're talking to, because we don't have "SALES PEOPLE" in the first place.


I have recently joined Melaleuca (although I was very familiar with it years ago) They are very clear from the beginning how much is spent each month and about the back up order in case one forgets to order. You have the choice to customize the back up order. I am on each phone call with the customers I refer and all of them understand from the beginning the awesome benefits to this company.


Incorrect...it is NOT $100 you need to purchase each month...it's around $60-65 and the products are 30-40% cheaper than what you would pay for them at either Target or Walmart AND soooo much safer for you...THE BEST WELLNESS COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By the time they add Shipping and Handling which is outrageous

the rate they charge, adding in tax brings the cost to a good $85 or more. Just for vitamins to meet the 35 points your standard

S&H is still $11.00 no where near the policy of other companies.


Stay clear of this on!

Published on November 1st, 20160


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