Naples, Florida

before you sig a contract with mala-leuca, please make sure that you want the same kind of products for the rest of your life.

if they keep in ignoring you when you desire to cancell contract, go ahead and cancell your credit card, if "lost" they will issue you a new card and tel them that you do not accept any charges from malA-leuca malA-leuca.

I am upset that they want to push their products through my throat weather i need them or not.

it is not easy to cancell a contract with this people.if you happen to return items that they sent you without asking, you have to pay the cost of the shippment.

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I have never been "ignored" by Melaleuca, even when I contacted them about and order which arrived with some items broken, due to poor packaging. This happened twice.

In both cases, with a little patience and honesty on everyone's part, they resolved my complaint in a manner that was more than fair.

I too have been told that canceling my "membership" requires only one form, but do not plan to cancel any time soon. (I am a customer, but do not "sell" Melaleuca to others--just like the health benefits of superior products.)


It is in the contract they will send you products if you do not order. In fact, it has you tell them which products to send, or did your sponsor not explain that fact.


No kidding I don't understand this comments either, Melaluca is the best company ever, if you need to cancel, just print and fax the form and you are all set.


Seriously? It is so easy to cancel - you download the form, fill it out and fax it in. I don't understand the "ignore you" part.

@Melissa B.

I would like to cancel my account


I would like to cancel my account