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Yes, I have been with them that long. Why?

Because they have several products that are incredibly good but I hate having to order every month because I've been widowed since I joined and I just don't need things as often and my income has been greatly reduced. Fortunately, I have some friends and family that also love these certain products and don't have a membership so I am able to order for them from time to time and that really helps me meet my monthly quota (29 points because I am on the old plan; newer members have to buy 35 points worth but they earn loyalty dollars and I don't). Their shipping costs are outrageous! And the lowest tier of pricing is out of line with comparable products.

(e.g. the wax melts can be ordered from Scentsy and there is no shipping cost; and even though many of the products are concentrated the price is still too high). I really need to leave and will as soon as I find a member who will do as I do for others - let me buy the products I like when I need them and at the lowest price they offer. Most members just want to order for themselves and not get into signing people up and having a downline.

I'm one of them and I really think they should not require people, especially older people on fixed incomes, to order every month.

All that said, I will plug a couple of their products.

You can't find anything anywhere even with a prescription that will clear up eczema as well and as quickly as their Renew Lotion and Sol-U-Mel gets out stains like nothing I've ever tried before. When a fresh blueberry smoothie was spilled all over my expensive sheets, I soaked them in Sol-U-Mel and there is no trace of blueberry anywhere on them.

Reason of review: Pricing and ordering requirements.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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what you are looking for, I would glady do that for you, as i LOVE their products.. regards,


Melaleuca has a special program called Conviencence certificates, where you only pay $50 a month flat fee. You then order whenever you want - the money collects in a pool.

This is obviously cheaper that the monthly order with shipping added onto it. This "lower cost" program is helpful, as you actually order prodcuts when you want, such as every two months.

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