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I have been shopping with Melaleuca for over 17 years and simply could not help myself from deciding to refer others to shop here too.

After 17 years you gotta be thinking I'm either not that bright or the most intelligent person you've met! lol

Seriously, as for the products, why would anyone order month after month is they were not completely satisfied with the product quality, pricing and truly the entire shopping experience and customer service from this company. I mean maybe you can trick someone once or twice to buy something but we have shopped every month for 206 months in a row! Think about it, have you been brand loyal to anyone before? Have you ever purchased Tide or any of the other 5 laundry detergents that are made by P & G? Of course you have, did they get your clothes clean, again I bet you say yes. So here I choose to use MelaPower, a 6X concentrated Laundry Detergent that is at least 25% less expensive that the competition delivered to my front door, the ingredients are safer for me, children, pets and the environment, not to mention the tons of plastic etc this awesome company does not use, and yes my clothes are clean, not to mention the fact that my skin issues are long gone.

Better, Safer, Less Expensive delivered to your front door, what part of that do you not like? and if you like shopping here and tell a friend Melaleuca shares their revenue with you! Cool

I've referred people to great restaurants, movies, hairdressers and more, not once did any of them send me a check in the mail but Melaleuca does every single month I shop.

I don't SELL Melaleuca products, I simply refer people to a fantastic store to shop at. Revenue sharing with your loyal customers, what a concept!

Those writing negative comments I bet are great people but unfortunately for what ever reason who ever introduced them to Melaleuca did not understand how to share the information.

I always say the closer you look at Melaleuca the better they look! Here at Melaleuca "The Truth Is Good Enough"!

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You and I were in total agreement in regards to your comments about Melleuca. Until I saw your avertisement for setting up accounts.

Your are in vialation of your contract with Melaleuca. Be sure to read your contract.

You probally have been enjoying residual income for some time. I wouldn't want you to lose it.