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I am a disabled person on a very tight budget.I joined melaleuca just a few weeks ago, was NOT told that i would be taken advantage of by having MY money stripped off my card for a nonexistant order,,also known as a"backup order",, WITHOUT my permission to do so!!

IF my money isnt replaced ASAP? I will go to the better business bureau, and then to RIPOFF REPORT!! Your products may be good? but NOT good enough for me to have you steal MY MONEY!!

Unless,, of course YOU are willing to pay my rent?Power bill and phone bill??

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Report them.Companies like this are dishonest in the manner in which they set up the rules of their company.

Those involved love those sort of rules so they can also screw over people. They are pigs at the trough. The branding of this company is very deceptive. It is owned by questionable Republicans, which should scare one away immediately.

Not all Republicans are this way (I'm not), but this group is and they are great at pretending to care about you and your health while they pocket the cash. They are amazing actors pretending to be human, but they really only care about "their own" which is evident by their comments.

The sooner we get rid of manipulative companies the better.



Alhambra, California, United States #843501


it does sound like you may have misunderstood the backup order.Or it may be that the Marketing Exec may not have explained this fully.

The best thing to do is simply submit your request to cancel your membership in writing to the company by FAX. Then call them to make sure they have received it. As added precaution, contact your credit card company and ask them to block the authorization for the charge. I'm sorry to hear that your experience with Melaleuca has been an unpleasant one.

But the matter can be remedied with a little follow through.

For those of you who think the positive comments are made up, all that they say is real. People truly are happy with Melaleuca. I think you either love these products or you don't. You just really have to make sure you understand what you're agreeing to.

And when you love these products, you'll order them on a regular basis and never get a back up order anyway.

And to my Malealuca friends, please be kind to those with legitimate complaints. While we truly love these products and derive great benefits from them, (and we want to just tell the whole world about them because they are helping us) there are some people who have other than "wonderful" experiences. It is the nature of any business.

And with that said, it is important to note that Melaleuca has a current customer base of over 850,000 customers and growing, and only some 300 or so customers in a three year period...

Something to think about.

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I called Melaleuca back five minutes after I decided to become a member and told them to cancel my distributorship and she said she would.Four days later, I check my account and Melaleuca charged my me $63.00 for some back-up order.

I called them and she said it was too late to stop the back order and that I could return it but I'd have to pay for the shipping. I did not authorized them to do this.

This is absolutely bogus.I am going dispute this charge and then I am going to file a complaint against them.


People can absolutely put their membership on hold - maybe this person should have spent a little time emailing Melaleuca instead of posting this complaint. A back up order are items you selected to be sent to you in the event you didn't order for the month. Most people choose vitamins, as a majority of people take them on a monthly basis - maybe taking better care of yourself would help with your disability?

to ali1721 #827620

Ali1721......What a despicable thing to say to someone!And for the record I have read one bad review after the other where scammed members DID contact the company by email plus faxing in so called forms to cancel their memberships!

I'm quite this company has many false positives like yours....My 85 y.o mother in law signed up for this scam and before I even looked at the reviews I told her it was a scam/pyramid but she would not listen to me.

I know without a doubt that in 2 months or less after they start stealing money from her credit card that I will be hearing from her asking me to help her put a stop to it, I just wish I could have been there to strangle the woman who brainwashed her into believing she would be rich if she joined!I am beyond pissed!

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #713624

Why should people agree to a backup order in the first place? Why can't they have the RIGHT to say NO for a month or longer? WHY?

Chandler, Arizona, United States #710932

Is your diaability a mental problem? You were told about your back up order when you signed up. You signed up on your form what you wanted for your back up order in the event you didn't make your monthly order like you were told. You signed your name to that form. Don't sign anything unless you know what you are signing, didn't you already know this? So who can you blame but yourself. Now fill out the form to cancel your membership. NO harm no fowl.

to N in Arizona Talbott, Tennessee, United States #717172

Also you will get a full refund of any products you send back and your membership fees within a 120 day period.These products have helped a lot of people including me.

Please make sure from now on to listen carefully when you are signing up for ANY thing and to read what you are signing.There are NO hidden scams to Melaleuka!!!

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland #705382

what a big load of bull this comment is are people ***


so you joined few weeks then say you were not told my god what age are you

people need to grow up, if you joined to do the business and didnt succeed after say 2 years in the business yes complain but you didnt even start

???????? :(

Missoula, Montana, United States #696168

EVERYONE who thinks this is a scam CLEARLY doesn't or didn't listen to the presentation fully.The Back up Order is VERY clear and you can avoid that by letting the company know you are not going to order so you don't get charged.

It's not a trick...people are just conformists, ignorant and well..shifters...always shifting the blame to someone else so THEY don't look dumb because they weren't paying attention. I LOVE the store, the products and their ethics.

They have been AWARDED the BBB which by the way is BASED ON ETHICS!...when only 53 companies ever have been awarded this!Agg...the ignorance.

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