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My wife gave me some vitamins. Not just some but I had to take about 20 pills a day!

It was crazy. I got sick that night, couldn't sleep at all and swore off those things. I asked her how much she paid for that *** and she wouldn't tell me. That's when I got suspicious.

Turns out they were from Melaleuca, and cost $70 for a 30 day supply! Also found they charge $26 for their spray cleaner (compare to Lysol, which smells better and costs about $22 less!) I also found out they have 3 scientists working there. Proctor and Gamble probably have 15 scientists just working on shampoo, let alone their whole product line. I also found out that once you get sucked into this pyramid scheme, you have to buy 45 points worth of stuff a month ($60 worth or so) or if you don't order, they will just send you a bunch of *** and charge your credit card.

I found out my wife opened a Face book account and within a couple days, an old "friend" conned her into signing up. I tried contacting this "friend", as my wife had several bounced checks after the automatic withdrawals (found out she spent over $500 on this *** in a 2 month period), and I got nothing but a runaround from this snobby gal who was sucking money off my gullible wife. This snot even called the cops on me after I emailed her wanting to know how we can get out of this, which she wouldn't say.. By the way, she is from Blaine, MN.

and her initials are S.W. Don't let her or any of their reps suck you in!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

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Sounds like you are just upset that your wife went behind your back and signed up without consulting with you first. I asked my husband about it before joining. At first he was skeptical, but after ten years, he requests certain products every month and realizes the benefits of the ones we are using and what a good value they are.


I have been a Melaleuca customer for 11 years and have NEVER paid $26 for a spray cleaner. If you get 16 oz of sol-u-mel then that is $25.99 but as I have always done, I shop the need for my family.

As Bob stated, the customer service with Melaleuca has always been outstanding! Anytime I have had a problem, they are there to help.

Just thought I would add my two cents worth.


Sally, the backside of your hand??? really?

Gives you calling the wife an "***" so much value. I am a customer of Melaleuca, not a distributor, no upline, no downline, just a customer. I care about my family's health. I need to save money in these difficult economic times.

Melaleuca products, taken and used properly, are the best products I have ever used. And are an incredible value. I am a customer for life.

Please do not add input to a subject you know nothing about. thank you


Freddy I have been taking the same Vitamins since 98 and know first hand the value of what you take. If you can calm down and read the information she has on them you will understand their value.

You were not ready for the strength and need to start with the Tea first and gradually build up to them. They are very strong anti-oxidents. The cleaning product you bought for $25 is Sol-u-mel and should be diluted down to 6-24 oz. bottles and again read or have someone train you on the value of the product.

All of their products are chemically free and your children would be able to drink their cleaners and not be poisoned by them. Can your children drink Lysol?? The amount of money she spent was probably done to build a business and it sounds like the person who enrolled her did not do a good job explaining what the business and product line is all about. Also their customer service is top notch and will take care of all your problems.

I guarantee this is not a scam. Best of luck if you decide to really take a good look at Melaleuca.

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