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FANTASTIC COMPANY AND PRODUCTS!!!!Beware of the comments here with people who are too lazy to add up their bill or have false accusations.Do your own research from the source. Anyone can post anything on here! My experience has been nothing but superbly remarkable with the company. The customer service reps are the most consistent and helpful against any other I have worked with. The products are fantastic and I dont speak for myslef, I have a couple friends who have been on the vitamins for years and grandparents who are now using half of their medical prescriptions just because it works so well.THE TRANSPARENCY OF THIS COMPANY AND THEIR COMPENSATION PLAN IS UNMATCHED!I had to have a bad experience to realise how good they are and I am glad I found them! Call them , do your reasearch and discover the truth for yourself.1-800-282-3000. I Thank God for Melaleuca! -- signed Happy Customer!
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While I have read good & not so good reviews of their products, I have yet to see one single shred of the "independent scientific" research to support the claims being made.

It is insulting to be told that this company is NOT and MLM & Pyramid scheme.

It has also been brought to my attention that these companies (most if not all mlm's) are Mormon based. That in itself screams *** religious cult!


I agree! I love this company's products! I found them about 4 years ago from a news report on television about natural products, and I decided to try them out after reading the reviews about their cleaning products. I still use them to this day.

But my favorite product of theirs is definitely the Renew Lotion!

I wish they had a local store so I could just stop by and do my shopping on the way home from work, but their online ordering isn't that bad and I can deal with it. The products are worth it for sure.


JR - thanks for the laugh!!!! My personal favorite is the "THE TRANSPARENCY OF THIS COMPANY AND THEIR COMPENSATION PLAN IS UNMATCHED." Have seen that exact sentence on a several posts. :grin


While your post says "I'm a Melahead" all over it: A- trying to discount peoples complaints B- how thier products cure ailmets C- using "thank God"... You may have convinced me..I just want for once in my life to be so enthuised about something so i can say "superbly remarkable".. sign me up!

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I too opened a home business selling Melaleuca products. I was praised to high heaven by my uplines, told what potential I had.....the usual. I invested in office supplies, printer, headphones for phone and computer, files, storage boxes, etc. I had a successful first...
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This is absurd! It's obvious that you're not entrepreneurs.

Any business owner knows that to build a business takes a little bit of money and a lot of hard work. The rewards aren't immediate but are great when the effort is there.

Go work for a BOSS if you're not willing to put in the effort. No one ever said success was easy!

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